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August 16, 2020

Forging MEBO Power, Mobilizing the World - The 33rd Anniversary of MEBO Group

  Time flies. we are celebrating the date of august 16th again today. 



  August 16 of this year marks the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of MEBO Group.



  At this time of previous years, all MEBO employees gathered together to celebrate the birthday of MEBO Group. This year, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a big gathering in real world becomes impossible. However, subsidiaries of MEBO Group and MEBO employees across the country chose to gather on-line to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of MEBO Group. 



Kevin Xu, Chairman of MEBO Board of Directors of MEBO Group

  Kevin Xu, Chairman of MEBO Board of Directors of MEBO Group, delivered a keynote speech at the beginning of the meeting. He said that 2020 is a year full of challenges for the world. After 33 years of trials and hardships, MEBO sticks as steadfast as before to its original mission. Its actions inspire the world. It has became a link, connecting the world as it forges ahead through hardships and challenges.

  Next, a commemorative video was played to recall the actions and courage of MEBO Group manifested in the fight against the epidemic in 2020. We read the sense of duty of MEBO as a mission-oriented pharmaceutical company when facing the challenge brought by COVID-19. We saw experts, market personnel and medical staff of MEBO Group fighting on the front line and felt the unity and strength of MEBO Group.


  Yang Zhibin, President of MEBO Group,  reminisced about the life of Professor Rongxiang Xu, complimented MEBO employees for their spirit of rowing against the current and expressed his expectation that everyone should carry forward the Rongxiang spirit to forge ahead and make new achievements. Chen Baoqi, Vice President of MEBO Group, highlighted three elements, namely, science, innovation and spirit, and introduced MEBO's new product lines. Zhang Qian, Vice President of MEBO Group, expressed her affection for MEBO from the perspective of a witness of MEBO's growth. Vice Presidents Cai Xiaohong, Shang Qingxin, and Liu Gang also introduced new products and solutions on the celebration.


Li Dexi, President of the Southern Region of the Domestic Market

  Li Dexi, President of the Southern Region of the Domestic Market, made a on-line speech on behalf of the frontline market personnel across the country, recalling the sense of responsibility and mission of MEBO people presented in adversity.


  A special commendation from the Rongxiang Xu Foundation was awarded to Ma Wenjing, the head of Beijing Jiamei High-tech Co., Ltd. because of her contribution to Rongxiang Xu Memorial Center.



  Fu Zijun, our medical expert in Sichuan Province, kept fighting on the front line during the epidemic. His deeds fully reflected the sense of responsibility of MEBO medical workers and their bravery to rise to the challenges. Zhang Jianhua, Regional Manager of Ningxia Province, volunteered to pick up first-line medical staff during their night shift. Fu and Zhang were awarded the honorary title of " Anti-pandemic Pioneers" by MEBO.

  At the end of the meeting, a video on public welfare entitled "Thanksgiving for Life" was played, in which "BE Babies" expressed their gratitude to MEBO Group. 

  Finally, Li Li, vice chairman of the board of directors, made a concluding speech. She said that COVID-19 has brought an extremely serious impact to the entire world, but MEBO has managed to move forward in adversity and has become stronger. She said that a magnificent blueprint has been drawn and each stroke made by MEBO staff  will make the picture more beautiful. 

  The conference ended with company song - a vibrant and melodious piece of music...

  MEBO will shine the light of hope and science forever.

  Forging MEBO power, mobilizing the world! Let us work together to face the challenge in the new era!