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June 17, 2022

Wuhan University – MEBO @ Aggie Square Scholarship Signing Ceremony Was Held

  On June 17, 2022, University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and Wuhan University AOC Agreement Signing Ceremony was held online. The "Wuhan University – MEBO @ Aggie Square Scholarship", sponsored by MEBO Group, was a joint project between Wuhan University and University of California. On this basis, the two sides renewed the strategic cooperation agreement and memorandum of global study program. Through this project, MEBO Group would support more Chinese and foreign students to learn from each other, expand their horizons, making China and the rest of the world closer. Many important guests participated in the project, including Mr. Zhang Jianmin, Consul General, Consulate-General of P.R. China in San Francisco; Zhuxiaobin, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Hubei Provincial People's Government; Mr. Darrell Steinberg, Mayor, City of Sacramento; Tang Qizhu, Vice President of Wuhan University; Dr. Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Dean - Global Affairs, University of California, Davis; Mr. Kevin Xu, Chairman, MEBO Group; Ms. Li Li, Vice Chairman, MEBO Group. They witnessed the cooperation between Wuhan University and UC Davis, as well as new initiative of MEBO group to donate money to develop education, cultivate international talents, and promote the integration of students at home and abroad.
  Tang Qizhu said that the two universities had maintained close cooperation in student exchange. The joint project of the graduate student training (the project sponsored by MEBO Group) had received extensive attention from teachers and students of the two universities. Zhu Xiaobin emphasized that the joint training of talents in legal field between China and the United States would definitely promote economic, legal and economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.
  During the ceremony, both sides expressed their gratitude to MEBO Group for its support. Darrell Steinberg thanked Kevin Xu for promoting exchanges and cooperation between California and China in recent years. He said that MEBO Group was a multinational life science company dedicated to FDA testing, research and development of products that are beneficial to human health. He hoped that the current cooperation could continue for a long period of time and promote the development of bilateral academic and educational level. Dr. Joanna Regulska emphasized that the scholarship program sponsored by MEBO Group would promote academic exchanges between China and the United States and deepen our bilateral friendship.
  In the first session of the signing ceremony, Tang Qizhu and Dr. Joanna Regulska signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the two universities online, and then memorandum of global study program with other leaders, which started the friendship between Wuhan University and UC Davis.
  Kevin Xu said that Professor Rongxiang Xu, the founder of human regenerative restoration science and the founder of MEBO Group, devoted his life to improving human health. The technology he invented benefited hundreds of thousands of patients and created a better world for the next generation. Wuhan University and UC Davis were world-renowned universities. The talents they cultivated would help provide solutions to the challenges faced by the world. Kevin hoped that they could continue their friendship and open a new chapter of cooperation.
  Mr. Antonio Yung, Chief Representative, City of Sacramento - China Office, said that today's collaboration would not only bring promise to the education community, but also impact future generations. Kevin Xu, like a beacon, was leading everyone towards a better world and a brighter tomorrow.
  Ms. Li Li and Ms. Deng Xiaomei, Director, Alumni Affairs and Communications Office, Wuhan University, signed Wuhan University – MEBO @ Aggie Square Scholarship online. The establishment of the scholarship made the cooperation between Chinese and foreign institutions closer, and it represented a new way of student aid.
  Zhang Jianmin said that, due to COVID-19, our cooperation would definitely face various challenges. It was essential to help establish cooperation between cities and universities of the two countries, and promote the development of bilateral trade and people-to-people and cultural exchanges. Academic exchange, especially among young people, was of great significance. He expected that all people of the two sides would work together to enhance bilateral understanding and cooperation.
  This online meeting not only built a bridge of friendship between Wuhan University and UC Davis, but also opened the door of friendship between Wuhan and Sacramento. This time, MEBO Group, as always, played an important role for the multi-party collaboration, and would strive for a more diverse partnership.