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July 28, 2022

"United Nations Academic Impact - Global Regenerative Medicine & Wound Repair Workshop - Management of Diabetes Foot Ulcer" Was Held

  On July 27, United Nations Academic Impact - Global Regenerative Medicine & Wound Repair Workshop - Management of Diabetes Foot Ulcer" hosted by the International Society for Regenerative Medicine and Wound Repair (ISRMWR) was held. Nearly 300 medical workers from all over the world registered for the training and they came from the following countries: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Peru and Ecuador.
  Three experts from the Philippines and Malaysia were invited to the event. They gave such speeches as Diabetic Foot Ulcer Overview and Assessment, Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment, and Regenerative Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcer.
Dr. paulyn ubial was giving a speech
  The first speaker was Dr.Paulyn Ubial from the Philippines , the former health minister of the Philippines. Currently, she is a visiting professor at the School of Public Health at the University of the Philippines. The title of her speech was " Diabetes Foot Ulcer Overview and Assessment", in which she introduced the epidemiology, etiology and prognosis of diabetes foot in detail.
Dr. kishen Baboo Ramasamy was giving a speech
  The title of Dr Kishen Baboo Ramasamy’s speech was Diabetes Foot Ulcer Treatment. He talked about systematic treatment and local treatment of diabetes foot.
Dr. Gerald Abesamis was giving a speech
   In his speech entitled "Regenerative Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcer", Dr. Gerald Abesamis introduced the mechanism of action of regenerative therapy in detail, shared the clinical experience of treatment with regenerative medical technology, and demonstrated advantages of regenerative medical technology in treating diabetic foot.
  Finally, Professor Robert Kirsner of University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine delivered a speech, entitled New Treatment in Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Chronic Wounds, which provided a new idea for the treatment of diabetes foot in the future.
  This online training not only covered the routine treatment and the latest progress in the management of diabetic foot ulcer, but also showed the advantages of regenerative medical technology. This training once again provided a valuable opportunity for global experts to exchange ideas and share experiences with each other.
  Since the establishment of ISRMWR in 2018, united nations academic impact - global regenerative medicine & wound repair workshop has carried out medical training in many countries around the world and received much positive feedback. In the future, ISRMWR will continue to provide high-quality training, promote the dissemination and development of regenerative medical technology, thus contributing more to the improvement of wound management in the world.