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June 16, 2019

Kevin Xu was Invited to Attend the Commencement of 2019 Graduates of The University of Chicago Harris School

  On June 15, the commencement of 2019 graduates of The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy where lies the Kevin Xu Global Initiative on Science, Technology and Inequality (KXI) was held in Mandel Hall. Before the day, Kevin Xu discussed with dean of Harris School of Public Policy Dr. Baicker on several aspects of cooperation in details, and was invited by the dean Dr. Baicker to attend the commencement together with Ms. Jeanelle Chang, deputy director of Obama Foundation Development Department, to witness the precious moment of the graduates in their lifetime. Among the graduates, there were 25 Obama scholars funded by Obama Foundation, and Kevin Xu was one of the directors of the Foundation. KXI is a global research organization on development policies jointly set up by Kevin Xu and The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy early last year. This year, KXI will introduce KXI global development research course as a compulsory course of future Obama scholars and students of Harris School.
  The KXI was designed to culture future young leaders in the fields of science, technology and social policies by uniting with the top American school of public policy and Dr. Baicker - former White House economic adviser, an American top economic analyst and an expert on health care policy, and also by drawing on resources of Kevin Xu in Clinton Foundation and Obama Foundation.