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•MEBO International, Inc. (California, U.S.A.)

Skingenix, Inc. (California, U.S.A.)


• Rongxiang Institute of Regenerative Medicine (Beijing, China)
• Guangming Chinese Medicine Institute for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers (Beijing, China)
• MEBO High Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing, China)
• Bio-Life MEBO High Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing, China)
• Shanghai MEBO Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  (Shanghai, China)
• Shantou MEBO Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Guangdong, China)
• Langfang MEBO Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Hebei, China)

MEBO/Other Countries

MEBO International Group had found Burn Wounds Institute since 1987. At present, it has developed into a giant regenerative life science group with market coverage of 76 countries. The most valued assets of group are all the independent intellectual property rights from Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science (HBRRS). They are also the common knowledge wealth shared by the mankind. This is the largest fortune group of intellectual property rights in human history. There are two headquarters, one in China and the other in the United States of American.

The economic development program of Mebo international group is to lead the world capitals in scientific capital development of industrial economy via the achievements of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science (HBRRS), and to transform the scientific achievement into economic development of all countries in the world then to benefit the people of all countries.

For the human being’s welfare enjoyment of regeneration science at a fast pace, the group found “Life 300-year” clubs in countries all over the world. It will benefit the people who uphold Human body regenerative restoration science(HBRRS), in other word, to develop the leaders of HBRRS around the world. Moreover, the leaders of regenerative science have led people to realize the regeneration science world in succession. The first club being established in China five years before have facilitated in developing the first group of HBRRS leaders, now they are gradually establishing clubs in different countries.

In response to these enthusiastic requests, MEBO has formed strategic alliances with a number of entities in various countries and regions for the distribution of the products. Currently, certain MEBO products are distributed in the following countries or regions:

·New Zealand/Australia
·United Arab Emirates
·The Philippines
·The United States

·Sri Lanka
·Saudi Arabia
·South Africa
·Republic of Czech
·Costa Rica
·EL Salvador
·Dominican Rep
·Puerto Rico
·French Guiana
 Corporate Alliance
MEBO/Other Countries

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