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¡¡Diabetes Ulcers Regeneration

Diabetes ulcers regenerative healing

Regenerative Therapy Routines:

First simply clean the wounds to wipe off the necrotic tissues, avoiding any bleeding of the large blood vessels. Then with the treatment of BRT with MEBT/MEBO, apply the MEBO¡¯s wound ointment or special nutrients medium onto the wounds to achieve the regenerative healing. For the minor wounds, MEBO dressing for accelerating the wound healing is just fine.

Case One:

Female, Age 42, factory worker, who rejected her previous hospital¡¯s recommendation of amputation of the left foot after 22 days of inflammation and worsening conditions; admitted on January 23, 2005 to be treated with MEBO¡¯s Regenerative Therapy.

Admitting Diagnosis: fasting blood sugar level: 22.67mmol/L; Severe swelling of the left foot; extensive erosion from the lateral dorsum to the postmedian of the sole; sinus tract formed between the sole and the heel of the left foot with exposed heel bone; necrosis and erosion of fascia and muscles with foul odor.

Treatment: systemic treatment with anti-inflammatory agent and nutritional support to lower blood sugar levels; local treatment by cutting open and cleaning the sinus tract; debriding the necrotic fascia and muscles; infusion of MEBO Wound Ointment into the sinus tract and drainage and later covered with gauze soaked with MEBO Wound Ointment; Change dressing twice a day. After 2 weeks clean up the necrotic tissues and apply MEBO¡¯s MEBT (Moist Exposed Burn Therapy) to treat the wound; Change dressing 4 times a day.

Patient¡¯s wound regeneratively healed after 94 days with restoration of physiological function and normal shape of the left foot.

Case Two:

Five-year severe lower extremity diabetic ulcers healed after 45 days of treatment.

          Before treatment of MEBO                  Healed after 45 days' treatment of MEBO

Case Three:

           Before treatment of MEBO                             After treatment of MEBO

Case Four:

           Before treatment                                      After treatment

Case Five:

            Before treatment of MEBO                             After treatment of MEBO

Lower limb ulcers regenerative healing

Regenerative Therapy Routines:

The therapeutic principles for venous and arteriosity ulcers are the same. For the ulcers above the substaneous tissues, apply the MEBO dressing directly onto the wounds;while for the deep ulcers under the subcutaneous tissues, use the gauze soak of MEBO nutrients medium to feed into the wounds with the dressing change once daily.

Clinical cases of lower extremity ulcers :

Roentgen ulcers regenerative healing

Regenerative Therapy Routines:

Treat with MEBO's regenerative therapy-BRT with MEBT/MEBO.

Case One:

                 Before treatment                                       After treatment

Case Two:

         Before treatment                  In the process            15 days after treatment

Case Three:

                            Before treatment                             Healed after 7 days' treatment

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