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Systemic Regeneration of Aging High Mammals

To determine systemic effects of the MEBO regenerative nutrients on mammals, a series of animal experiments were conducted over the course of 4 years.  Briefly, male albino rats of age 300 days (which is equivalent of middle-aged humans) were divided into 2 groups: control group and treatment group.  Both groups were raised in the same environment and fed with normal rat diet with the treatment group supplemented daily with the MEBO regenerative nutrients and the control group supplemented with the same amount of water, instead.   When the the last rat in the control group died on day 526 and the rats in the treatment group reached the age of 826 days, the rats from both groups were sacrificed and tissue samples from every organ were taken for histological examination.  Shown below is the comparison of tissue morphology between the control and treatment groups.

As shown Figure 9.0.1, throughout the whole body all tissues in every organ in the rats from the treatment group consistently manifeste a more youthful morphology as compared with that in the control group.  Samples from the control group clearly and consistently show tissue atrophy and degeneration, as well as extensive fat deposition and fibrosis, typical signs associated with an aged body.  Significantly, the tissues from the treatment group not only appear to be much younger than those from the treatment group, but also seem to maintain the same, if not younger, morphology of the rats when the feeding with the MEBO regenerative nutrients just started, i.e., at the age of 300 days. 

Thus, the MEBO regenerative nutrients appear to be able to significantly retard aging of high mammals and possibly restore aged tissues, thereby extending the lifespan and prolonging the youth period in the animals.  

Long-term animal and human studies of larger populations are undergoing to repeat the experiments and confirm the effects of the MEBO regenerative nutrients on regeneration and restoration of higher mammals. 


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