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Regeneration of Gastro- Intestinal Tract

1. Regeneration of Human GI Tract without Scar Formation
2. Restoration of GI Tract of Aged Humans
3. Cloning of Gastrointestinal Villi in Cell Culture from Single, Isolated Cells
4. Regeneration of Excised Gastrointestinal Villi in GI Tissue Explants

2. Restoration of GI Tract of Aged Humans

As shown below in Figures 7.3.1 and 7.3.2, healthy adult humans, even if having degenerated/atrophic shortened villi on the GI lining due to aging, can still benefit from the regenerative power of the MEBO nutrients which promote re-growth of lush, longer villi (which are associated with a more youthful human body).  By using the MEBO nutrients to regenerate the GI lining without scar formation, the GI system is revitalized functionally to allow better absorption of nutrients to the body, which, in turn, leads to nourishment of the body systematically.

Case 1: Female, age 55, healthy. 


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