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¡¡Surgical Wound Regeneration

1. Regeneration of Skin at Skin Graft Donor Sites
2. Regeneration of Wound after Cosmetic Surgery to Minimize Scar Formation
3. Regeneration of Wound Caused by Parenteral Nutrition Fluid Extravasation Injury

1. Regeneration of Skin at Skin Graft Donor Sites

Clinical studies of the effects of MEBO wound ointment on the wounds of skin graft donor sites have been carried out to evaluate scar quality and physiologic barrier function restoration, as compared with Tegaderm, a semipermeable membrane occlusive dressing and with Sofra-Tulle, an antibiotic impregnated Vaseline gauze.  Atiyeh et al. ¡°¡±Scar quality and physiological barrier function restoration after moist and moist-exposed dressings of partial-thickness wounds¡± Dermatol Surg 2003 Jan; 29(1):14-20. Atiyeh BS, et al. ¡°The effect of moist and moist-exposed dressings on healing and barrier function restoration of partial-thickness wounds¡± ¡° European Journal of Plastic Surgery 2003; 26(2): 5-11.

As shown in Figure, compared with Tegaderm application of MEBO wound ointment to split thickness skin graft (STSG) donor sites resulted in earlier anatomic healing with significantly superior cosmetic appearance of the resultant scars over 6 months of follow-up. Further, average functional barrier recovery time was 67.4¡À13.368 days for MEBO and 150¡À46.476 days for Tegaderm (Figure
As shown in Figures and, compared with Sofra-Tulle application of MEBO wound ointment to STSG donor sites on the same patient resulted in much faster reepithelialization (5-6 days vs. 10-12 days) and the MEBO-treated areas were markedly less hyperemic and less pigmented. All patients were more comfortable with MEBO most likely because of a rapid healing time hence a shorter painful period.  In all patients there was lack of epidermal sliding in the MEBO treated area comparable to normal skin, in contrast to variable degrees of epidermal sliding in control areas.


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