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Trauma Wound Regeneration

1. Regeneration of Wounds on Thighs and Hips caused by Blunt Forces with Deep, Massive Loss of Tissues and Damages to Nerves
2. Regeneration of Wounds in Foot with Severe Injury and Infection
3. Regeneration of Wounds on Face with Bone Exposed

For blunt trauma wounds with deep massive tissue loss it is difficult to sustain granulation tissue growth.  Recently negative pressure wound therapy has been developed to promote granulation tissue growth and skin graft incorporation on the wound bed.  However, repairing wound with massive scar tissues typically causes contracture, disability and sometimes paralysis due to impaired nerve functions.  Most of the time tissue flaps or transplants are needed for reconstruction.  Oftentimes infected massive wounds could lead to amputation or threaten the patients life.

MEBO technology and products have been used to successfully regenerate massive hypodermal tissue including muscle, tendon, ligament, and most importantly, nerves and blood vessels of trauma patients, which fill the large tissue defect and minimize the risk of amputation and significant loss of bodily function. 

Shown below are exemplary cases of using MEBO regenerative therapy and wound ointment to treat trauma patients, including earthquake victims. 

1. Regeneration of Wounds on Thighs and Hips caused by Blunt Forces with Deep, Massive Loss of Tissues and Damages to Nerves

On May 12, 2008 strong earthquakes of 7.9 magnitude struck Sichuan Province of China, which caused ninety thousands of death and wounded about a quarter million people.  Dr. Xu led Chinas wound experts to the disaster zones and personally supervised treatment of many wounded victims by using MEBOs regeneration therapy in conjunction with MEBO wound ointment and dressing.

Shown in Figure 3.1.1 is a quake victim (age 36) with multiple open, deep wounds, especially in the right thigh that sustained a 25x20 cm2 wound injury with muscular necrosis and severe sciatic nerve damage.  Three months later regeneration of hypodermal tissue under the condition provided by MEBO ointment resulted in significant restoration of structure and function of his leg, including sciatic nerves.


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