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¡¡Burn Regeneration

1. In Situ Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin 
2. Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin of Pig Burn Wound Models Dynamic
3. Regeneration of Full- Thickness Skin in Humans 
    3.1 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Deep Second- Degree Burns
    3.2 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Full- Thickness Burns
    3.3 Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin on Hand
    3.4 Regeneration Process of Full-Thickness Skin on Face and Neck
    3.5 Regeneration of Skin of Deep, Large-area Burn Wounds
    3.6 Treatment of Extremely Large-area Burn Wounds
4. Regeneration of Subcutaneous Tissue
    4.1 Regeneration of Soft Tissue
    4.2 Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Skin from Bone Marrow Cells

4.2 Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Skin from Bone Marrow Cells

When the burn destroys the skin and underlying tissue to reach the bone, the injury can result in compartment syndrome and threaten the patient¡¯s life or limb. 

Dr. Xu led a pioneering work in the regeneration of tissues beyond the skin by utilizing bone marrow cells exuding from holes drilled on the bone. 

As shown in Figure, the patient¡¯s left leg had burn wounds with tibia exposed and was treated with MEBT/MEBO.  Multiple holes were drilled in the exposed tibia and covered with gauzed soaked with MEBO wound ointment. Granulation tissue developed from the bone marrow cells migrated from the cavities created and under the regenerative condition provided by MEBT/MEBO the bone marrow cells were converted to multiple different cell types needed for regeneration of muscle, tendon, ligament and other soft tissue.

Shown in Figure is another case where a 9 year-old patient¡¯s head was injured by high-voltage electric burn and the injury reached deep into the skull.  He was treated with MEBT/MEBO.  Multiple holes were drilled on the skull to allow cultivation and conversion of bone marrow cells in order to regeneration soft tissue and the skin on his head.  As shown below, 2 years after the injury his skull was completely covered with regenerated tissue and skin. 

Burn Regeneration
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