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 Burn Regeneration

1. In Situ Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin 
2. Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin of Pig Burn Wound Models Dynamic
3. Regeneration of Full- Thickness Skin in Humans 
    3.1 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Deep Second- Degree Burns
    3.2 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Full- Thickness Burns
    3.3 Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin on Hand
    3.4 Regeneration Process of Full-Thickness Skin on Face and Neck
    3.5 Regeneration of Skin of Deep, Large-area Burn Wounds
    3.6 Treatment of Extremely Large-area Burn Wounds
4. Regeneration of Subcutaneous Tissue
    4.1 Regeneration of Soft Tissue
    4.2 Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Skin from Bone Marrow Cells

3.4 Regeneration Process of Full-Thickness Skin on Face and Neck

The face constitutes 5-10% of the body’s surface area, varying according to age. Face burns cause a considerable loss of fluids owing to the elasticity of the tissues affected and the abundance of vascular tissue.  In deep partial-thickness burns, spontaneous recovery occurs with the formation of a considerable quantity of unaesthetic scarring.  Third-degree burns (full-thickness burns) destroy both the epidermis and the entire dermis and are insensate because of the loss of sensory nerve endings. A full-thickness burn is dry and leathery with a gray, white, or translucent color; it turns brown or black in color, characteristic of an eschar. Most of these wounds do not heal spontaneously unless they are very small, skin grafting is often needed for closing the wounds, and the resulting scars may be quite disfiguring, which necessitates post-healing reconstructive surgery on the scars. 

MEBT/MEBO has been used in thousands of cases to successfully treat deep facial burns with minimum scarring and disfigurement, thereby obviating the need for post-healing reconstructive surgery. 

Shown in Figure is an example of using MEBT/MEBO to treat a patient with full-thickness burns on his face and neck.


Shown in Figure is another example of treatment of deep facial burn wounds using MEBT/MEBO.

This patient’s face was burned by electric arc, resulting in superficial 2nd degree and superficial 3rd degree burns.  As shown below, on day 109 since the treatment with MEBT/MEBO, the skin on his face was regenerated with no apparent scarring and loss of function.



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