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Burn Regeneration

1. In Situ Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin 
2. Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin of Pig Burn Wound Models Dynamic
3. Regeneration of Full- Thickness Skin in Humans 
    3.1 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Deep Second- Degree Burns
    3.2 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Full- Thickness Burns
    3.3 Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin on Hand
    3.4 Regeneration Process of Full-Thickness Skin on Face and Neck
    3.5 Regeneration of Skin of Deep, Large-area Burn Wounds
    3.6 Treatment of Extremely Large-area Burn Wounds
4. Regeneration of Subcutaneous Tissue
    4.1 Regeneration of Soft Tissue
    4.2 Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Skin from Bone Marrow Cells

3.3 Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin on Hand

Deep 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the hand assume a high priority from the onset of care in order to preserve its sensory and mobile functions.  As shown in Figure 1.0.2 severe burn injury of the hand can lead to severe joint contracture and loss of hand function. Normally, early excision and sheet autograft closure are recommended. Hand therapy is continued throughout the healing period, halted only in the few days immediately after grafting.  Sometimes only suboptimal function can be obtained in a long term.

MEBT/MEBO has been used to successfully treat deep, severe hand burns without skin grafting and with satisfactory restoration of form and function to the injured hand. 

Shown in Figure is an example of using MEBT/MEBO to treat deep 2nd degree burn of a hand of a patient.



Burn Regeneration
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