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Burn Regeneration

1. In Situ Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin 
2. Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin of Pig Burn Wound Models Dynamic
3. Regeneration of Full- Thickness Skin in Humans 
    3.1 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Deep Second- Degree Burns
    3.2 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Full- Thickness Burns
    3.3 Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin on Hand
    3.4 Regeneration Process of Full-Thickness Skin on Face and Neck
    3.5 Regeneration of Skin of Deep, Large-area Burn Wounds
    3.6 Treatment of Extremely Large-area Burn Wounds
4. Regeneration of Subcutaneous Tissue
    4.1 Regeneration of Soft Tissue
    4.2 Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Skin from Bone Marrow Cells

3. Regeneration of Full- Thickness Skin in Humans

During the past twenty years, several controlled clinical trials have been conducted, and thousands of clinical observations and reports have been published on application of MEBT/MEBO to the treatment of wound patients.  MEBO has been shown to maintain burn wounds in moist, reduce water evaporation from burn wounds, promote microcirculation in wounds, limit progressive damage after burn, facilitate liquefication and discharge of the necrotic tissues, reduce secondary injuries caused by aggressive surgical excision, prevent wounds from infection, and, furthermore, introduce regeneration of skin tissue over the viable tissue on wounds.  The results from extensive controlled clinical studies, along with clinical observations in thousands of burn and chronic wound patients, have demonstrated that MEBO reduces both the physical and psychological pains during treatment, accelerates wound healing process, minimizes scarring, reduces medical costs, and provides better quality of life for wound patients.

During the treatment, MEBO wound ointment is applied to the surface of the wound at 0.5-1 mm in thickness. The wound area is left exposed and the wound bed is kept in moist by the ointment, in contrast to conventional practice that the wound is occluded by dressing or exposed to dry out.  This is referred to as Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT).  Every six to twelve hours the wound is cleaned, and liquefied necrotic tissue with MEBO ointment is wiped off followed by reapplication of MEBO ointment.  This regimen is repeated until the wound is healed. 

Burn Regeneration
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