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Burn Regeneration

1. In Situ Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin 
2. Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin of Pig Burn Wound Models Dynamic

3. Regeneration of Full- Thickness Skin in Humans 
    3.1 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Deep Second- Degree Burns
    3.2 Regeneration of Skin in Patients with Full- Thickness Burns
    3.3 Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin on Hand
    3.4 Regeneration Process of Full-Thickness Skin on Face and Neck
    3.5 Regeneration of Skin of Deep, Large-area Burn Wounds
    3.6 Treatment of Extremely Large-area Burn Wounds
4. Regeneration of Subcutaneous Tissue
    4.1 Regeneration of Soft Tissue
    4.2 Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Skin from Bone Marrow Cells

2. Regeneration of Full-Thickness Skin of Pig Burn Wound Models Dynamic

To evaluate the efficacy of MEBO wound ointment on tissue repair and regeneration, preclinical studies were carried out in pig models for burn wounds as compared with that of local wound care agents commonly used in wound treatment.  Ioannovich et al. Moist Exposed Burn Therapy: Evaluation of the Epithelial Repair Process (an Experimental Model) Annal of Burns and Fire Disasters 2000: XIII (J):3-9. Eighty (80) partial-thickness burn wounds on 10 Ladrace-Pietrenne young pigs were induce by CO2 laser. 

As shown in Figure 1.1.1 below 8 partial-thickness burn wounds of different depths measuring 5 x 5 cm were inflicted on either side of the paravertebral region in each pig (total number of burn wounds: 80).


Burn Regeneration
Trauma Wound Regeneration
Surgical Wound Regeneration
Limb Regeneration
Regeneration of Gastro- Intestinal Tract
Restoration of Aged Skin of Adult Humans
Systemic Regeneration of Aging High Mammals

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