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Experts from three countries gathered in Guangzhou, MEBT/MEBO spread throughout the world
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--Report on the hospital training and medical development of doctors from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mongolia in Guangzhou
From 2012, September 17th to 23rd, with the arrangement of MEBO International Business Group and Indonesian agency Arif hamsah and in order to further learn about the clinical applications of MEBT/MEBO,8 doctors from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mongolia gathered in Guangzhou Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital to learn MEBT/MEBO  and received warm welcome from the president, director and doctors of the hospital.
Dr. Wu Xiaowei and Yang Chen from Mebo International Business Group and Manager of Marketing Department Zhao Yamin were in charge of this medical development. For Indonesian group, the participants included Director Simon who was experienced in MEBO application for 5 years, Director of Intensive Care Unite Dr F. Tejo Kuncor, Young backbone surgeon Dr. Asep Hermana SpB, senior doctor of Endocrinology Department and the President of a elders clinic Dr Dharma Lindarto Sp PDKEMD. Endocrinologist Dr Moggie Yung Tze Hong from Malaysia and Plastic Surgeon Galbadrakh  Erdenetsetseg from the largest hostital in the capital city of Mengolia also participated this event. This medical training was another international medical academic exchange for medical elites from four nations following the 16th  ISBI congress and also an example that MEBT/MEBO from China is stepping through the world.
Guangzhou Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital is the only comprehensive Chinese and Western Medicine hospital rated as level 3 grade A in north Guangzhou that has cured a large amount of burn and ulcer patients via applying MEBT/MEBO consistently for years and obtained richexperiences in terms of curing extensive deep burns and resolvingamputationproblem in diabetic foot ulcers. It has achieved great results and reputation which have been attracting lots of patients from Guangzhou and its neighbouring areas.  
Part 1: On 17 Sep, 2012, ward round started at 9am. After doctors making self-introductions, guided by Dr.Wu Xiaowei of Technology Department of MEBO International Group and Director Liu Hongping, the doctors from three countries made a ward round. The first patient was a 60-year-old man who was suffering form diabetic foot ulcer combined with bronchiectasis infection. Following pictures show the wound on his right foot which was almost healed with the application of MEBT/MEBO for three weeks.
Group picture
Director Liu Hongping was instructing foreign specialists and demonstrating MEBT/MEBO operation
specialists were observing MEBT/MEBO operation and taking pictures with great interest
before dressing change
 Healing wound
Director Liu was preparing the wound for MEBT 
 Prepared wound
 applying MEBO Wound Ointment 
 using sterilized forceps to make sure wound fully covered by MEBO
wound covered by dry sterilized gauze
The next patient we visited was a 5-month-old baby who unfortunately suffered from hot water burns on lower limbs . The left limb was burnt worse.
 cutting the covering gauze before dressing change
wound evaluation 
removing putrid skin
Removing putrid skin
 after removing putrid skin
sufficiently applying MEBO
covering the wound with MEBO gauze
covering the wound with MEBO gauze 
bandaging the wound with a thick layer of gauze
Part 2: MEBT/MEBO operation
The foreign specialists accomplished MEBT/MEBO dressing change on their own after a few days of observing and learning. 
foreign specialists were completing MEBT/MEBO operation with Director Lius instruction
Part3: Symposium: Chinese and foreign experts posed discussions about applying MEBT/MEBo to resolve conventional medical problems. 
 MEBT/MEBO speech via case report by Director Liu, interpreted by Dr. Wu Xiaowu from Technology Department of MEBO International Group.
video demonstration about Micro-skin grafting by Director Liu
 Group pictures
In addition to learning and practicing MEBT/MEBO, Technology Department of MEBO International Group and director Liu jointly held a MEBT/MEBO conference. Chinese and foreign experts made a number of presentations about  MEBT/MEBO application in extensive deep burns and refractory diabetic foot wounds including typical comparative pictures which clearly displayed the superior advantages of MEBT/MEBO compared to conventional therapies.  A video was played in the conference which demonstrated the whole process of micro-skin grafting surgery conducted by Prof. Wang Hongsheng, Chief Expert of MEBO International Group, as well as treatment process of extensive burns. Director Liu Pinghong shared his views on conventional medical problems with the foreign specialists. They were amazed at the remakeable efficacies of MEBT/MEBO and expressed that they would apply MEBT/MEBO back in their home countires. The conference enjoyed a fervency atmosphere and brought a climax for this training activity.
Take Indonesia as an example, it has a population of over 237 million. As the world's fourth most populous country, it suffers from  frequent natural and man-made disasters, and has a lot of burn, wound and ulcer patients. Indonesia is a country with weak economic strength and wide gap between the rich and the poor. Patients in this country have to pay huge money and suffer from disability if they choose conventional surgical therapy. Therefore, MEBT/MEBO has strong advantages and competitivenesses. Dr. Harm who had been invited to various international congresses said: except government officials and polices who are required to pay parts of the health insurance, all citizens across Indonesia will enjoy free medical insurance system in 2014. So a large amount of government funds will be invested across Indonesia to allow all citizens be able to afford medical fees. Further more, the government will open the country and introduce more advancing foreign medical technologies. We believed that MEBO will continue to carry forward and step throughout the world.
'Academic promotion, technical training, life-saving, benefiting mankind is one of the academic thoughts of Professor Xu Rongxiang , the   founder of Regenerative Medicine. It is also a kind of spiritual strength that constantly inspires clinical staffs to learn, grasp, use and promote Regenerative Medicine. In the ISBI congress which has just ended in British, MEBO specialists delivered presentations so that the world was astonished again by the efficacies achieved by MEBT/MEBo in the field of burns treatment and meanwhile mankind was brought into a unprecedented field -- human body regenerative world. As Chias economy has jumped to the second place in the world and the countrys discourse power continues to increase, we firmly believed that MEBT/MEBO will not noly settle and expand in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania regions, but also attract more hospitals in the world at large to introduce and apply this world-leading technology. The lofty goal will definitely be realized that MEBT/MEBO will benefit the whole body of mankind.   

Special thanks for the participant experts in this training activity, MEBO staffs in Guangdong, medical staffs in Guangzhou Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital who have offered great support and help.

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