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Director-General Ma Junru¡¯s Speech at the Reciprocal Reception of the 10th Anniversary of Body Regeneration Science
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Good evening, leaders, comrades and friends, ladies and gentlemen,
I am very honored to be invited to this reception by Prof. Xu Rongxiang and MEBO Group.
I have been acquainted with Prof. Xu Rongxiang for more than 20 years and even longer with his achievements. I once worked in the State Science and Technology Commission and heard some controversial news about him from some commission officials who supported him at that time and also present here today. I was worried about him then. It should be said that Prof. Xu Rongxiang¡¯s achievements on Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy are undoubtedly crucial revolutions because the moist therapy he adopts is far more superior than other modalities including conventional dry therapy. As mentioned in the brief retrospection, it is his achievement in the field of burn care that makes Xu Rongxiang knew by not only Chinese but also the world at large. His life-saving achievements have been spreading on the planet and obtaining outstanding efficacies. His contributions to the foundation of life science are raising a new wave of innovation on medical technologies.
As medicine circle, or traditional medicine circle in China, usually regards prestigious doctors as national treasures, I can say that Prof. Xu Rongxiang has achieved enough to be respected as a precious national treasure. Considering the hardships we see on the way he has travelled, the wonderful achievements he has made are truly not easy and really admirable.
In the past over twenty years, I didn¡¯t have many opportunities to meet him because he was always busy and now he is spreading his scientific ideas over the world. But I did kept communication with him over the phone so I usually had the opportunity or honor to share his innovative outcomes at the first moment. I remember that one day not long ago, we kept sending messages to each other until I said at 11:30pm ¡°sorry to trouble you. Have a good rest.¡± Long-term contact and communication make me know him better. I am older than him in age, but honestly speaking, I have learned much from him and his spirits and deeds have been encouraging me to do more in service work.
Now I would like to make the following points about my personal understandings on his long-term innovative activities and I appreciate if there is any comments or corrections.
The first one I wish to say is that Prof. Xu Rongxiang has four ¡°nots¡± in his innovative activities.
1.    He does not apply for national research funds to support his innovation.
I have seen that although he encountered many setbacks and difficulties in the past over twenty years, he never applied for national research funds during the whole process of his innovative activities. It was totally himself that he relied on to support his burn research and found an enterprise and then sustain his progresses using business incomes of this enterprise. This brought many difficulties, as well as many benefits one of which was that he could do what he wanted to do without restrictions from outside. So conversely, he experienced less troubles than others usually did in such an innovative environment. Today, in our country, he should be one of the only a handful of people who have relied completely on themselves and achieved so greatly in innovative activities. I dare not to say that he is the only one but at least there are not many ones or even none.  It is quite creditable that he managed to persist.
2.    He does not chase for national awards.
Personally, I believe that Prof. Xu¡¯s Moist Exposed Burn Technology and the wound ointment he invented as well as the efficacies his theory of in situ regeneration has achieved in clinical applications are not inferior to any other acquired achievements according to the high standards of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and will progress beyond them because his achievements have been globally well-recognized and raised revolutionary changes. But in spite of this, he never requests for or even thinks about applying for national awards as he has neglected that. What he is really obsessed with is to explore into newer and deeper scientific goals. I think this is a praiseworthy virtue for scientists.
3.    He does not rush for success.
People who ever met Prof. Xu may think he is impatient as he seems extrovert and speaks in high tone, but actually he never rushes for success when handling scientific issues. Prof. Xu is a scientist who is engaged in life science researches, but before that he should be said as a well-experienced doctor who regards patients as the god and takes full responsibilities for them. He is quite aware of the complications of life science and knows well that it is not easy to resolve all problems and persistent observation is necessary because this subject is life-concerning. So he followed very strict scientific procedures when applying his innovations in clinical treatment and always steps forward with patience. Currently his laboratory possesses highly updated instruments and all of them are the fruits of his own efforts. However, as we can learn from the retrospection about his experiences in decades, there were not such good instruments in the first few years of his career. So in situations like that, how could he verify his scientific ideas very strictly and then adopt them into saving lives? He conducted experiments on his own body and I believe that it is highly admirable. I remember that Prof. Xu Rongxiang did a variety of experiments on his leg to obtain experiences in burns treatment. This fully embodies his nature and also his humanitarianism which encourage a medical specialist to be responsible for patients and people.
4.    He is not fickle when handling scientific issues.
Now, our scientific circle is fickle and we even talk about the fickleness in the scientific circle very often. Why are people fickle? The answer lies on the desires for research funds, social recognition on their research findings and awards. People are eager to publish papers so as to obtain financial supports and awards. Therefore, misdemeanors and cheating behaviors are resulted in, raising a refractory ailment in scientific circle. For Prof. Xu Rongxiang, however, it is his own financial support that he relies on to make the scientific achievements. He never wants to fight for awards or even think about that, so he doesn¡¯t get engulfed into any whirlpools of right and wrong. He calmly observes and conducts his research at his own will. He doesn¡¯t publish his papers or put his research results into application until he thinks it is the time. In such a free environment, he is able to confront scientific puzzles and blanks calmly.
I think this is the first point I wish to talk to you.
The second one is that Xu Rongxiang shows great courage in his innovative activities from three aspects
1.    He dares to oppose traditional thoughts about innovation
This left a deep impression on me as we kept contact in the past decades. One of Mr. Lu Xun¡¯s famous dictums says, originally there is no road in the world, a road is made as people walk. People who innovate do need to walk out new roads. Just walking along existing roads or staying in a road without a single step out neither makes one become a great man nor brings about much achievements. Prof. Xu insisted on his own road when he innovated. In conventional minds about medical science and also minds accepted by people who know little about medical science like me, treatment for open wounds requires disinfection, but many applications in Prof. Xu Rongxiang¡¯s burns treatment don¡¯t need disinfection. While other doctors dared not to abandon disinfection, Xu Rongxiang had the courage to do it and succeeded. Hereby, I would like to tell a story I personally experienced and had a strong feeling on. My mother-in-law had severe rheumatoid disease in her seventies. She had to lie on bed, being not able to move due to joint deformity. Long-term bedfast elders are susceptible to bedsores and my mother-in-law was not an exception although we hired a carer for her. Her doctor told me she was going to die. As bedsore doesn¡¯t have a radical cure, we had no way other than caring her at home and remove pus and filth through disinfection. Because there were bedsores on her hips, it was quite filthy after she defecated or urinated and she suffered a lot every time we disinfected the area using alcohol. One day, Prof. Xu heard my mother-in-law was groaning and asked why. After I told him that she had bedsores and was having disinfection, he said ¡°All right. Why don¡¯t you try MEBO Wound Ointment? it does not need disinfection.¡± He gave me a big bottle of MEBO Wound Ointment which we smeared on the bedsores. When the wound was contaminated by urine or stool, we just gently washed the area with water and then applied the ointment. My mother-in-law¡¯s bedsores were so severe that white bone already showed on wound bed, however, Prof. Xu¡¯s ointment cured them without any disinfection. Treatment was repeated over and over because bedsores kept come out in different sites due to long-term inactivity. In this way, my mother-in-law survived for more than twenty years until she was ninety-six. This is a miracle created by Prof. Xu¡¯s burn care technique which has broken the forbidden zone of ¡°no disinfection¡± and achieved so great. I wouldn¡¯t say that disinfection is unnecessary for all modalities, but under limited conditions as in this case, his technique succeeded in curing wounds without disinfection while other ones couldn¡¯t. I believe this is a miracle.
And there is another miracle I would like to mention by the way. Normally, fresh tissues don¡¯t come up on wound bed if the injury is deep down to bone tissue, but the bedsores on my mother-in-law¡¯s hip are exceptions. As bedsores kept come out and get cured on different sites, my wife joked when she was alive that it looked like a map on her mother¡¯s hip because bedsores had been filled with pink fresh. This practice proved fully and triumphally that the theory of skin regeneration is correct. I think this achievement prof. Xu made after insisting for about eighteen years is so great and it proves he is anti-traditional in terms of innovation. Standing in lockstep brings nothing, daring innovate and challenge makes huge differences.
2.    He dares to publicize his achievements and get them tested by scientific circle
As mentioned previously, Prof. Xu asked the State Science and Technology Commission to get his achievements tested and commented by many experts. And as you know, the experts comprehended him from different mentalities and recognitions and various views including many sharp ones were brought out. This should be normal in scientific community because scientific thinking always bears diversified opinions and contention of a hundred schools of thought. However, different social sectors in the country held different understandings about this. I was once given a sharp question by a reporter when I accepted a special interview. He asked why I still supported Prof. Xu when so many medical experts raised so many different opinions and believed his ideas were unscientific and even wrong. I told the reporter not to simply watch this. He should think about it calmly and then could understand why Prof. Xu Rongxiang had the courage to get his achievements tested by experts who had been always criticizing him for a long time and why he chose to do it even though he knew quite clearly that all the experts were against him and would raise objections. The first reason was that he had not applied for a penny of national funds and therefore didn¡¯t have to pay back with achievements. He could just declare the achievements to himself. The second one was that he had not applied for any national award either and he never thought about being rewarded or showing off being rewarded. So neither was he bothered by paying national funds back with achievements nor did he desire for any reputation. He chose to do that just because he was confident with his achievements and on the other hand, he believed all scientific achievements needed to be tested by different opinions and it was normal to hear voices from different aspects. There were always some imperfection needed to be improved and some thoughtlessness needed to be corrected through deep discussion and study. This was his objective and he attained it.
Patients were worried about him, but Prof. Xu stayed poised and was not influenced because he was not afraid of the experts and had already knew what kind of objections they would propose as well as that no one was able to refute him with factual evidences. Later I found no one replicated his experiment or proved that Prof. Xu was wrong. No one in scientific community should say Prof. Xu is wrong before proving he is indeed wrong.
At that time, I also had another concern. It didn¡¯t matter that there were different opinions on the new achievements, but would they influence MEBO¡¯s business? WEBO Wound Ointment was being used and MEBO burn therapy was being spread. I was concerned that people might be confused and abandon using MEBO. What happened later let me feel my concerns were unnecessary. MEBO burn therapy and wound ointment had broken through violent storms and received various objections before they were accepted by people, therefore, people sticked to them unswervingly under any circumstances. I think this is Prof. Xu¡¯s confidence in his achievements. How many scientists in China dare to do as Xu Rongxiang? I think few dare. I admire him very much that he get himself commented by others, verified by history and explained by the world.
3.    He dares to confront evil and defend his dignity
Prof. Xu had been in a whirlpool of ringt and wrong since we made acquaintance twenty years ago. I can tell you that, which I once described to Prof. Xu, so many complaining letters were transferred to me from different sectors of the central government. In such circumstances, Prof. Xu didn¡¯t compromise. He defended his dignity in rational ways and even with legal methods. Although this caused many sufferings and wasted much precious time for scientific research, it finally proved that he had succeeded. His patents and intellectual properties were protected and his dignity was respected. We should congratulate him.
For the third point, I would like to talk about my personal feelings on him and the traditional virtues of Chinese people showing on him.
1.    He deserves abundant support because he is doing the right thing
As just introduced in the retrospection, it was in various blames and tortures rather than in flowers that Prof. Xu progressed his innovative activities and started his business. He encountered a number of unjust treatments and he actively coped with all. Of course, he was not able to do it alone. He needed to be supported by justice. Under the leadership of the Party, there is always justice in our society. Many people saw his difficulties and understood that his objective was aboveboard, so they supported him. Here I won¡¯t name them all. I believe the most important reason was that his burn medicine and therapy was life-saving and humanitarian and thus people spontaneously became in favor of him and helped him in his most difficult times. In this way, he broke through all difficulties one by one. I think this is what we should appreciate our society for and what reflects the just and fair social order our Party has established in decades.
2.    He requites people who have helped him
Here I have to tell you that Prof. Xu is concerned about everyone who ever helped or supported him, including me who just have contact with him occasionally, and he also puts the concern into action. He remembers to invite everyone to his activities as much as possible to express his thanks although he is very busy, because he knows he will need more support from more people on his way ahead. I think this attitude also touches people who ever helped him.
I was deeply impressed by what Director Li of Bureau of Drug Administration said in a previous meeting. He said:¡°we ever supported a lot of people and some of them just disappeared after receiving our support. But Xu Rongxiang was not like that. He remembered us and often organized gatherings for old friends. He let us know how his researches were progressing and made us feel warm and happy. Because of this, we feel peaceful when we serve people and help patients.¡± I think this is very commendable.
3.    He is magnanimous and inclusive
Xu Rongxiang was inflicted lots of setbacks on by some people and organizations. Normally, he would be resentful and revenge, but he did not. He was magnanimous to believe that some people might be willful while others might just have different recognitions. People who caused evil willfully would be punished eventually if no amendment was made. He didn¡¯t sue them either although he could as there were many evidences available. He just let it go and focused on scientific researches. I think this is very impressive and also why he is a man of nobleness.
Leaders and friends, we usually think we are lucky to make acquaintances with others during wonderful gatherings. Personally, I am lucky to have the honor of knowing Prof. Xu Rongxiang in my lifetime and I believe you think in the same way. It is an opportunity that god sends to let us witness the progress history of an outstanding scientist in China.
I think I should say at the end that information technology and life science and technology are two leading technologies which dominate development progresses and will change people¡¯s lifestyles and also the ways to produce, work and think. They are even changing the world. Information technology in USA has seen the emergence of many outstanding scientific entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Jobs who have made indelible contributions to human progress and won respect. Their innovative activities are remarkable and honorable. In terms of life science and biotechnology, however, it is still very difficult so far to cite a person like Bill Gates or Jobs over the world. Life science is having obstacles different from that of information technology as it is health-concerning. Application of transgene technology, for example, was questioned a lot although it is splendid and industrialized and has contributed a lot. I think it is rightly in this kind of struggling process that many legendary world-top entrepreneurs have been given birth. We hope Prof. Xu Rongxiang, who has made innovative contributions, could keep going on the way and win glories for Chinese people.
Thank you!
Appendix: Ma Junru¡¯s resume
Ma Junru, male, born in 1934 in Baoying of Jiangsu province, admitted by Physics Faculty of Fudan University in 1950 and then transferred to   Beijing University. After graduated from Physics Faculty of Fudan University in 1957, he took part in the researches on transistor, integrated circuit and superfine processing in Semiconductors Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He successively held the posts of Technician, Engineer, Research Leader and Deputy Director in Semiconductors Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
   1980-1982: Further educated in National Submicron Research Center of USA and   Electrical Engineering of Cornell University.
   1985: Appointed as the Deputy Director of Microelectronics Center of Chinese Academy of Science.
   Sep 1988: Director of Basic Research and Top Technology Department of National Science Commission; be charge of the initiation and operation of National development plans on basic researches and top technologies (863 Plan).
  Jul 1991: Appointed by The State council as the Director General of State Foreign lExpert Bureau; be charge of introduction of talents and intellectuals. Once Vice-Chairman & General-Secretary of Chinese Association of International Intellectuals Exchange.
  1997: left from governmental positions and be engaged in consulting work regarding strategy research of scientific and technological development. Be hired as a member of experts and consultants group of National Plan of Major Basic Researches.
  Once Dean of Top Technology Faculty of University of Science and Technology of China. Present Honorary Dean of Information Faculty.
  Part-time Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in Microelectronics Institute of Beijing University, Physics Faculty of Nanjing University and Public Management Faculty of Qinghua University.
Scientific Research works
  Published 4 academic books and nearly one hundred dissertations.
  Be awarded National Scientific and Technological Progress Award for many times. Be twice awarded Outstanding Contribution Award by USA Chinese Institute of Engineers.
  1998: honorary Doctor of Science of Japan Waseda University
Social Positions
  Chairman of the Presidium of World Chinese Games
  Director of World Innovation Institute
  Chairman of Experts Committee of New Media Alliance
  Headman & Professor of National Strategic Research Group of Advancing Science and Technology.
  Academician of International Academy of Europe and Asia
  Deputy Chairman of Chinese Science Center of International Academy of Europe and Asia and Director of Scientific and Technology Development Strategy Department

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