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Retrospection of the Birth and Development of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science
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1. In 1979, with instruction from Professor Ao Li of Third Military Medical University and Professor Zhiyang Fang of Shanghai Second Military Medical University, the inventor did some researches of burns treatment in his college days, completing250,000 words dissertations and cures of over 2,000 burns patients by the time of graduation.
2. In 1982, the inventor was a member of Party Committee of Jinan Third People¡¯s Hospital. Chunyun Jiang, then deputy secretary-general of Shangdong Provincial Committee and Jinan¡¯s Party Secretary instructed provincial ministry to allocate 100,000yuan for the establishment of burns technique promotion project. The money, however, was diverted by Ministry of Health of Jinan City to publish ¡°History of Jinan Medicine¡± and the Ministry claimed that Rongxiang Xu¡¯s useless burns technique should not waste any money. Rongxiang Xu reported what happened to higher authorities.
3£®In October 1985, the inventor attended 1st Sino-American International Burns Conference and announced the research paper about Moist Exposed Burns Ointment. It brought a great sensation in the conference. In order to pursue support for Rongxiang Xu¡¯s research, chairmen of the conference Ao Li faxed to the Provincial Governor of Shangdong Province a certification letter which said about the sensation. Contradiction was sharpened as Ministry of Health of Jinan City slandered the letter fabricated. (The Ministry was only showed but not given the letter. Following picture is the original piece which has been well preserved so far. ) On Aug 31st, 1986, the inventor wrote his resignation in the Secretary¡¯s office of Party Committee of the Ministry (the following day was the day when a state document took effects which said national sci-tech workers are allowed to resign.)
4. In October 1986, with introduction from Results office of National Science Commission, the inventor applied individually to Scientific Technological and Educational Department of State Ministry of Health for result evaluation. In December 1986, it came out as ¡°great breakthrough¡± after the Department organized evaluation on Burns Moisture Exposed Treatment and the development of Moisture Wound Ointment.
5. In December 1986, the inventor got back to Shangdong and reported the result evaluation to Provincial Ministry and Science Commission of both Shangdong Province and Jinan City but received no interest. Provincial and Municipal authorities claimed they are not qualified enough to admit state identification.
6. In March 1987, with introduction from Journalist Station of Guangming Daily, the inventor was adopted and supported by Guangming Daily. Then Guangming Research Institute of Chinese Medicine for Burns and Wounds was built and finally, the Science had her official place.
7. In October 1987, Guoqiang He, the Party Secretary of Jinan city, approved specially transformation of the inventor¡¯s Party membership to Guangming Daily.
8. From 1987 to 1988, the inventor applied to National Science Commission as affiliated to Guangming Daily for result registration. The application was accepted and registration number was 870283. He also applied to Bureau of Drug Administration of Ministry of Health for new drug registration. In February 1988, Ministry of Health issued Moisture Wound Ointment a new drug certificate: 88-Z-01.
9. On Aug 16th, 1988, the new drug and technique of Moisture Wound Ointment was declared jointly by Guangming Daily, Ministry of Health and China Central Television. From then on, the day of Aug 16th was recognized by MEBO International Group as its anniversary.
10. In1989, Scientific Technological and Educational Department of Ministry of Health issued an announcement of popularizing Moist Exposed Burn Therapy in the whole country. There was sponsored teacher training class of burns treatment and established Chinese Scientific and Technological Center of Burns, Wounds & Ulcers. The technique was spreading over the whole country.
11. In 1990, Guangming Research Center of Chinese Medicine for Burns and Wounds transferred his affiliation to State Foreign Experts Bureau.
12. In 1990, the inventor was sent by National Council and Ministry of Health to rescue the strickens of a gas explosion in Thailand.
13. In 1991, Moist Exposed Burn Therapy was listed by Ministry of Health as one of 100 achievements in ten years and one of the first 10 techniques planned to be popularized at national grassroots level.
14. In 1991, American National Institutes of Health succeeded in repeated skin regeneration experiment. Scientific Technological and Educational Department of Ministry of Health gathered scientific experts together in Capital Hotel to deploy joint problem tackling. However, Yuxia Du et al. of Ministry of Health blocked the plan by using their monitoring authority. They alleged governmental ministries should not cooperate with folk institutes.
15. In 1992, the inventor encountered disturbances caused by foreign and domestic lawless persons in USA. He got back to China under protection of Central Party Committee but at the same time ran into slanders from Drug Administrative Department of ministry of Health who request National Council to abrogate Moisture Wound Ointment. National Council convoked seven ministries for joint investigation and then issued No.82 document (1992) which protected the inventor and his drug. Prime Minister Li Peng and state councilor li Tieying signed the document.
16. In 1993, pursuant to relevant laws, a court in Beijing punished the lawless persons who once slandered Moisture Wound Ointment.
17. In 1994, the inventor asked Party Group of Ministry of Health to protect scientific research. Then newly-appointed deputy minister Wenkang Zhang, commissioned by Minister Minzhang Chen, talked in person with the inventor for 12 hours. After that, the Party Group decided to take direct charge of all researchs of Rongxiang Xu. From then on, the science was spared from the troublemakers inside of Ministry of Health.
18. In 1995, China News of China Central Television announced ¡°plan to unveil the secret of human life¡±
19. In 1996, a clinical research was going on to tackle the final point of interpreting skin organ.
20. In 1997, the inventor introduced regeneration secret and process of skin organ in nationwide conferences, declaring that skin organ regeneration in situ is able occur in third-degree burns.
21. In 1998, academic oppositions and several academicians jointly indict the inventor to China Science and technology Association. Conferences of China Science and technology Association formed minutes which said Rongxiang Xu¡¯s burns research should be supported.
22. In 1998, academic oppositions and several academicians indicted directly to Central Party Committee, asking Central Party Committee to punish pseudoscience of Rongxiang Xu¡¯s skin regeneration. General Secretary Jiang Zemin harshly criticized that and instructed Ministry of Health to encourage scientific blossoming and contending.
23. In 1999, vice minister of National Council Li Lanqing instructed National Council to set an investigation group when comrade Ping Song reported a fact that production of Moisture Wound Ointment had been held for ten years. The investigation ended with a finding that ¡°non-business reasons caused the delay.¡± This enabled Moisture Wound Ointment to be produced officially and put into nationwide use.
24. In 1999, Ministry of Health abolished the unreal documents about Moisture Wound Ointment.
25. In 1999, the inventor published full-length papers about stem cells skin regeneration in situ and declared histography of regeneration and restoration in situ.
26. In 1999, National Science and Technology Commission published the scientific achievement of stem cells organ regeneration in situ.
27. In 2000, the inventor declared clinical application procedure of skin organ regeneration and restoration in situ, published ¡°The Blue Book of Burn Treatment   ¡± and ¡° K-19 Stem cell   ¡±
28. In 2001, achievement in gastrointestinal organ regeneration and restoration was made public. Gastrointestinal capsule gained Ministry of Health¡¯s permission.
29. In 2001, domestic and overseas patent application of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science completed.
30. On new year`s day of 2001, director Zeng Qinhong heard application report of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science.
31. On Aug 16th, 2002, the inventor declared series of achievements in Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science which were reported by Science and Technology Daily with a theme of ¡°Life Science Explosion¡±.
32. In September, 2002, organized by Ministry of Science and Technology, 15 academicians and professors heard reports about the achievements in Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science, reaching an agreement of waiting for application results.
33. In October 2002, the inventor was specially invited by 3rd International Conference of Medical Regenerative Stem Cells to make a report on researches in Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science.
34. In 2003, the inventor was invited by Asia-Pacific Stem Cells Conference to make a report on theories of stem cells in situ.
35. In 2004, KAGE, the third largest medical and biological publishing house, published the English version of inventor¡¯s ¡°Burns Regeneration Medicine and Therapy¡±.
36. In 2004, Swedish Science Commission and Swedish Television had an executive interview on achievements on Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science. The anticipated that this science would be advancing enough to be rewarded a number of Nobel Prizes if successfully put in use.
37. In 2004, Standford University specially invited the inventor to give a subject speech on burns and tissues regeneration.
38. In 2004, approved by the Supreme People¡¯s Court, Beijing Court sentenced Shangdong City 13-year illegal production and marketing of quack medicine.
39. In 2005, research on mechanism of regenerative anti-cancer was fulfilled.
40. In 2006, feeding experiment on male rats was completed. The experiment testified the anti-aging effect of regeneration.
41. In 2006, Life 300y Club was founded.
42. In 2007, the inventor declared research findings which honored his promise of completing all in five years since 2002.
He also declared a statement that scientists in Japan and USA infringed his property and discourse rights in transformation of body cells to stem cells.
43. In Jan 2008, established the regenerative restoration research project in terminal cancer.
44. In 2008, experts provided medical support for victims during earthquake stricken in 25 hospitals. No disability or death occurred.
45. In 2008, all achievements on burns gave birth to a book¡ª¡ª¡°Complete Book of Burn Treatment¡±
46. In 2009, all achievements of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science gave birth to a number of books.
47. In 2010, research plan of full-nutrition food was launched in an all-round scale.
48. In 2010, plan of anti-cancer regeneration was launched in an all-round scale.
49. In 2011, research plan of nanocrystallized regenerative substances was launched.
50. In Sep 2011, the inventor declared scientific application results of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science in Diaoyutai Hotel

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