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China MEBO Burns and Wounds Regenerative Technique Boost Human New Life Born
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The 12th China burns wounds and ulcers conference and 1st international burns wounds conference was held in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province on May.24th, 2012. There were more than 400 hundred government officials, doctors and experts from 17 countries of Asia, Europe, America and Middle East participated in this conference including the former vice minister of Ministry of Public Health Mr.SunLong chun, Honorary chairman of committee from China Chinese and Western Medicine Burn Committee Prof.XuRong xiang, Secretary General from China Chinese and Western Medicine Academy Mr.MuDa wei, Vice President of China Association of Chinese Medicine Mr. XieYang gu, Vice President of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Mr. Cai Zhong jun, Vice Chairman of International Surgical Association, Chief Plastic Surgery Dr. Ali Al-Numairy, Member of USA Surgical Doctors Association, Medical Doctor Dr.Mahound Sakr, Member of Surgical Doctors Association in British Royal, Medical Doctor, Dr. Maher Mohamed Sayed Abdulghany.
We learned from the conference that, different kinds of unnatural  healing wounds and ulcers such as the large area of deep burn wound, diabetic ulcer, amputated finger ending, opening defect wound, lower limbs ulcer, giant bed shore, now applying MEBO/MEBT regenerative skin in situ technique(Moist Burn Therapy Technique), there will be new tissues regenerated on the wounds to make the new skin healed, also applicable on the amputated finger ending regeneration in situ. During the conference, Chinese experts in the field of burns and ulcers, showed 400 of typical cases to the audience, such as the deep burn wound, amputated finger ending, giant diabetic ulcers. There were more than 70 foreign experts from North America, Europe, Middle East and South Asia reported the treating condition of large deep burns as well as giant diabetic ulcers being applied by MEBO/MEBT, same treating skills as the Chinese experts. Furthermore, plenty of scar eliminating cases by MEBO/MEBT are also being reported on the conference.
Large deep burns therapy began in the World War II, the excision of eschar technique was invented in order to save the life of wounded, but they are suffering of disability after healed. Western countries always propose that for deep burn patients with TBSA over 50%, the powerful rescue is not advocated. Ministry of Health in People¡¯s Republic of China, listed the MEBO/MEBT regenerating skin in situ technique into the first ten medical technology popularized for the grassroots nationwide. During the past two decades, the MEBO/MEBT are widely spread in countryside and grassroots of China. Doctors from the countryside and grassroots reported the experience of large burns healed cases on the conference.
In the international medical field, coping with diabetic ulcers disease is a difficult problem and no medicine existing can cure, leading to amputation, disability and die. However, Chinese experts manifested almost 100% healing effect on the conference, also reported clinical effect on the giant diabetic ulcers treating.
It has been said that finger ending lost is impossible to be restored, even the gecko with regenerative tail, lizard with ending finger amputated can¡¯t be restored. However, Prof.XuRong xiang reported on the conference that when the finger ending lost happens, even in the case of not well regenerative growth, after applying MEBO/MEBT, finger tissues can still be restored. Other experts also reported the case of regenerative in situ restoration after applying MEBO/MEBT. According the ¡°China Burns Wounds Ulcers Magazine¡± reported, there are thousands of successful cases of finger ending amputated have been restored.
Although the scar is called the never faded trauma mark, but on the conference, the expert from Hunan Province Mr.Tanjun reported the clinical condition when types of scars have been erased after applying the MEBO/MEBT technique for new skin regeneration.
In the early of 1990s, the ¡° News Week¡± from America reported that, if the burns regenerative therapy from China is real, then all the popular burns therapy in the world will be abandoned. Today, after two decades, the point from the ¡°Newsweek¡± realized. It is reported that, nowadays, there are 73 countries are using this kind of revolutionary technique for treating burn wounds and ulcers.
The MEBO/MEBT technique is invented and founded by Prof.XuRong xiang, he not only founded the revolutionary burns treatment of medical technique but take the skin regeneration in situ on the wound as model as well, probing into the mechanism of human organs regeneration in situ, then achieved skin regeneration in skin on the unhealed wounds caused by diabetic ulcers and internal organs regeneration in situ.
On the conference, Prof.XuRong xiang present the special academic report with the topic of ¡° Human Regenerative Life¡± attempting to make the people know inside body there is still regenerative life exist , this is a significant discovery and invention which has changed people¡¯s life , we call it ¡°Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science¡± ( Published in 2009). Prof.XuRongxiang states that ¡° People can solve their own organ diseases, aging in advance and cells apoptosis damage through life regeneration.
¡°Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science¡± is new life science system, it is different from the medical science and cutting edge study of life science such as the Molecular Biology, Tissue engineering, Stem Cell Science etc. ¡° Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science¡± works the ways of raising the substance in  regenerative life cells, providing nutrition, cultivating regenerative cell which exist to produce regenerative life, taking the regenerative cells to change ill cells and or replenish damaged cells so as to make the function of human body organs organization structure into integration without attenuation, finally, human body will be healthy with longevity.
Experts from worldwide reporting cases of burns wounds regeneration which fully demonstrating the theory of ¡°Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science¡± or confirming the human regenerative life exit. Vice Chairman of International Surgical Association Dr.Ali states that ¡°Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science¡± invented and founded by Prof. XuRongxiang, not only changed life and lives of universal human being but also will change the whole world, anticipating the 21st century explosive contribution of life science.
It is reported that, facing the morbidity, high amputation rate, high fatality rate and high recurrence rate from diabetic ulcers which is incurable disease. Recently, nearly at the same time,Chinese government SFDA and American government approved the special medicine Moist Exposed Burn Ointment ( MEBO) which applying the regenerative skin in situ technique to process the clinical study as the special medicine for diabetic ulcers. This is also the first  clinical study for medicine with fully botanic nutritional ingredients  approved by American FDA agency.

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