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Academic Exchanges in Hospitals of Zhejiang Province was very successful
Add Time2012/2/10 14:39:34
On 16th January 2012, Professor HU Dong-cai, standing committer member of the Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine, Director of the Clinical Department came to Hua shan Aesthetic Hospital to have an academic exchange with professionals in the hospital. It is a very famous aesthetic hospital in china. Professor Hu introduced the multi-subject application of MEBT/MEBO to the director and staffs of the department. He made a detailed introduction about the application of MEBT/MEBO in aesthetic surgery, carpopedal surgery as well as striae prevention in the postpartum period.
In the afternoon, Professor Hu went to Aima Gynecology and Obstetric Hospital. It is a 3 H hospital with Hotel-style and Home-warm as well as Holistic care. The hospital also provided VIP health care service and five star hotel-like management models. Professor Hu introduced the application of MEBT/MEBO in preventing hyperplasia scar after cesarean section and striae formation in details and the unique efficacy of series MEBO products such as Moist Exposed Burn Ointment, MEBO Scar Ointment and MEBO Dressing for Burns Wounds and Ulcers. He also demonstrated the use of MEBO Ultrasonic Wave Machine. The lectures received warm welcome from the management and professionals of the hospital.
17th January 2012, Professor Hu visited the TCM Hospital of Deqing County which is also the hospital for women and children in the local area. At the invitation of the Gynecology and Obstetric Department and Surgical Department, Professor Hu introduced the multi-subject application of MEBT/MEBO. He also demonstrated the standard procedure and precautions of Moist Exposed Burn Ointment, MEBO Dressing for Burns, Wounds and Ulcers as well as MEBO Scar Ointment by showing plenty of cases with significant results. Many medical professionals communicated with Professor Hu in terms of problems during the clinical work and all the questions were answered patiently. We believed that MEBT/MEBO with its series products will be promoted and popularized in the hospital after the lecture.
In the afternoon Professor Hu also paid visit to the branch hospital of People Hospital of Deqign County and gave lectures to the staff of Surgical Department and Gynecology and Obstetric Department.
Such activities will definitely promote the market development and will bring lots of achievements in the future.

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