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Promotion and popularization of MEBT/MEBO was launched in Guangdong and Guangxi Province
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At the First People¡¯s Hospital of Fang Cheng Gang City
The hospital is the largest general hospital with the most advanced equipment in the city with integration of medical service, emergency care, disease prevention, teaching and research. It hold 630 beds with in charge of people¡¯s health care and emergency care in the city. There are more than 30 departments and 3 outpatient departments. The hospital is also the emergency center and emergency center for women and children of the city.
    MEBT/MEBO was introduced as the new technology for wound management and hyperplastic scar prevention. In order to further promote the application of MEBT/MEBO in  the traumatology department and other relative departments, to benefit more patients with refractory wounds, on 8th February 2012, at the invitation of the hospital Professor WANG Hong-sheng, committee member and secretary of the CBAIM, vice-editor in chief of the Chinese Journal of Burns, Wounds and Ulcers, Deputy Director of the Beijing MEBO Institute of Burns, Wounds and Ulcers visited the hospital. Professor WANG had academic exchange with doctors in orthopedic and other relevant departments. He had a standard and in-depth exchange with doctors regarding the application of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of finger regeneration, wound with tendon and bone exposed and also diabetic foot ulcers by demonstrating pictures and videos. Dermatology department introduced MEBT/MEBO in 2011 and professor WANG also had in-depth and generalized exchange with doctors regarding the application of MEBT/MEBO in refractory wounds and plastic surgery, hyperplastic scar prevention so as to promote the standard application of MEBT/MEBO in Dermatology Department.

At the Second People¡¯s Hospital of Qinzhou City
The Second Hospital of Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province was a third degree class A hospital with integration of medical server, teaching and research. It is a government hospital with 887 staff and 700 beds. The hospital also equipped with many advanced instruments such as German MRI machine, internationalized OR and ICU and Burn Unit.
Wound and scar prevention technique of MEBT/MEBO was introduced into the hospital in 2011.  In order to further promote and popularize this technique, on 9th February 2012, at the invitation of LU MAO-de, Director of Orthopedic Department and president assistant of the hospital, Professor WANG held a seminar named ¡°up to date progress of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of burns and refractory wounds and hyperplastic scars¡±. A total of more than 10 medical professionals including LU Mao-de, and HUANG Cui-ye, Director of the Orthopedic Department, BI Yong-hao, Director of the Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, LIANG Gui-lan, Director of Gynecology and Obstetric Department, HUANG Ying-ju, Director of Dermatology presented. Professor Wang introduced the therapeutic focus of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of deep burn wounds, wounds with bone and tendon exposed wounds with hyperplastic scars and diabetic foot ulcers as well as served finger regeneration in combination with the theory of regeneration medicine by showing lots of pictures and videos. After the seminar experts in the hospital had an in-depth exchange with professor Wang in terms of problems they encountered in orthopedic department and Gynecology and Obstetric Department.

    After that, the president assistant and directors of the hospital expressed their gratitude to Professor Wang and also stated that MEBT/MEBO will be further promoted and popularized in the hospital.

At the Surgical Department of TCM Hospital of Qingyuan City
TCM Hospital is located in the center of the Qingyuan city, Guangdong Province which was built in 1958. It is the only and first third degree class A TCM Hospital in northern area of Guangdong Province.
On 13th February 2012, Professor Wang was invited to have a seminar named ¡°up to date progress of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of burns, hyperplastic scars and refractory wounds¡±. He made a detailed introduction about the standard wound management and techniques of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of burns, hyperplastic scars and refractory wounds and ulcers by demonstrating pictures and videos. The striking contrast between conventional therapy and MEBT/MEBO in handling refractory wounds stimulated the spirit of study among doctors and the superiority of MEBT/MEBO also attracted many medical staff.

We believe that doctors and nurses would have an in-depth understanding about MEBT/MEBO after these activities and their skills in managing hyperplastic scar after burn and refractory wounds will definitely be improved.


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