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A Return Visit of Regenerative Restoration Technique in 2011 (part two)
Add Time2012/1/5 10:53:03
 In the late December 2011, DU Fu-qin, Director of Clinical Department of Beijing MEBO Institute for Burns Wounds and Ulcers, committee member of the Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine paid a return visit to the General Hospital of China Coal Construction, Burn Department of General Hospital of Coal and Electricity Power of Wanbei, Erqing Hospital of Suzhou City. He also visited a patient LIU xxx who adopted treated with conventional burn treatment and allogenic skin graft initially but change to use Regenerative Restoration Technique and got full recovery. The patient was very excited after receiving the phone call from Director DU. He was shocked and amazed at the therapeutic effects of Regenerative Restoration Technique and really appreciated Professor XU Rong-xiang, founder of this technique and Director Du of Beijing MEBO Institute for Burns Wounds and Ulcers.
 The patient recalled the days in the hospital and he said my wife and I even want to end our life since the huge financial burden of conventional therapy and skin graft which has already cost 10, 0000 RMB. But Director DU removed the infected grafted skin completely when there were infections under grafted skin and he treated me very carefully with Regenerative Restoration Technique and MEBO so that wound improved day after day and wound size was decreased after one weeks dressing change. The hospital adopted conventional therapy on after Director DU leaved the hospital for some reasons. Doctors spray iodine and covered the wound with iodine dressing which was painful for me and I was expecting Director DU could come back and continue to use Regenerative Restoration Technique. With my constant pressing to the hospital, Director DU got back to the hospital and continued to use Regenerative Restoration Technique and I am a lucky man. It only cost me 10,000 RMB for the treatment of Regenerative Restoration Technique which makes me a beneficiary in terms of financial burden as well as sufferings. I really wan to thank Director DU! Thanks for Regenerative Restoration Technique! Thanks for Professor XU Rong-xiang who found this technique!
Patient LIUxxx, wound with conventional therapy and allogenic skin graft
On June 2011, Director DU was removing grafted allogenic skin and infection under grafted skin
On July 2011, wound after 15 days treatment of Regenerative Restoration Technique
On December 2011, healed wound during follow-up

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