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MEBT/MEBO was Promoted and Popularized at the XiangYa Ping Mine Hospital of Pingxiang City
Add Time2011/12/31 10:42:11
 On 28th November, 2011, Professor JIN Dang-jun, committee member of the Chinese Burn Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine (CBAIM), Deputy Director of Beijing Meibao Institute of Burns, Wounds, and Ulcers, Director of Medical Department of China National Science & Technology Center for Burns, Wounds and Surface Ulcers, Standing Editor of the Chinese Journal of Burn Wounds & Surface Ulcers came to the XiangYa Ping Mine Hospital of Pingxiang City and gave a lecture of clinical application of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of diabetic foot at the invitation of Endocrine Department. Ping Mine Group and XiangYa Hospital of Central South University work together to build the Hospital. It was the combination of Ping Mine General Hospital and Second Hospital of Ping Mine with the technical force from XiangYa Hospital.
 Endocrine Department of Xiang Ya Ping Mine Hospital of Pingxiang City has abundant technical force in the field of Endocrinology of West area of Jiang xi Province. However, there were still no effective methods for diabetic foot in the department. The hospital invited Professor Jin and wanted to introduce MEBT/MEBO as soon as possible after knowing the magnificent therapeutic effects of MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of diabetic foot.
 During the lecture, Professor Jin not only made a detailed explanation regarding wound management, necrotic wound management and dressing change but demonstrated the standard process of dressing change, debridement and wound management as well. He also gave a one to one instruction to the doctors and nurses of the department in terms of how to apply MEBT/MEBO. During the process of clinical instruction, doctor and nurses proposed many clinical questions such as thorough cleaning of necrotic tissue, principle of fast healing of diabetic foot, key points of MEBT/MEBO etc, Professor Jin gave detailed answers to all the questions. The systemic science system, easy way of application and significant therapeutic results boosted the confidence of doctors in the treatment of diabetic foot through MEBT/MEBO. Medical staffs of the department expressed that they will follow the instruction of Professor Jin to apply MEBT/MEBO following standard procedure and benefit more and more patients with diabetic foot.
XiangYa Ping Mine Hospital of Pingxiang City
Academic exchange between Professor Jin and Head Nurse of the Department
Professor Jin was demonstrating process of dressing change
Diabetic foot before wound cleaning
Apply MEBO after cleaning wound
Cover the wound with MEBO Dressing for Accelerating Wound Healing

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