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Continued Medical Education of ¡°Skin Regeneration and Restoration Technique¡± was held in the First People¡¯s Hospital of Zhumadian City Henan Province
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  At the invitation of GU Chun-liang, Director of the Surgical Department of the First People¡¯s Hospital of Zhumadian City, CHEN Quan-xi, committee member of the Chinese Burn Association of Traditional and Western Medicine (CBAIM) and Researcher of Beijing Institute of Burn Wounds & Surface Ulcers came to the hospital and gave a lecture about "Skin Regeneration and Restoration Technique".
  On 26th December, 2011 a continued medical education program named "Skin Regeneration and Restoration Technique"was held at the Fu Yuan Hotel of Zhumadian City and 26 Directors and Head nurse of Thoracic Surgery, General Surgery, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Department of the First People¡¯s Hospital of Zhumadian City attended the lecture.
 The hospital was located in the center of Zhumadian City with convenient transportation and has 550 medical staffs and 500 beds. Thoracic surgery, General surgery, orthopedic surgery and Gynecology Department are the major departments in the hospital that have gained many city or provincial scientific research awards. More than 26 experts from major department of the hospital attended the lecture which embodied the profound influence of "Skin Regeneration and Restoration Technique".
 Director CHEN Quan-xi introduced the invention of Burns Skin Regenerative Technique by Professor XU Rong-xiang and the discovery of tow life bodies which is basic life bodies and potential life bodies. He also emphasized that since the birth of human life, human being never stop exploring the mystery of life. But no one found the potential life bodies until Professor XU Rong-xiang, famous Chinese life scientists found the human body possesses tow life bodies. He also found the extraneous regenerative substance that can activate potential life bodies and unveil the mystery of prolonging human life span.
  Skin Regeneration and Restoration Technique have successfully used in the treatment of burn, trauma, skin lacerations, bone exposed, diabetic foot, ulcers, bed sores etc. Director CHEN Quan-xi also demonstrated many cases¡¯ pictures during the lecture as well as pictures of gastrointestinal ulcer regeneration under regenerative substance. Experts and nurses were amazed at the results. Director YU of the Surgery Department said that the lecture provide an opportunity to further understood MEBO and its products. CHEN Quan-xi was invited to have a consultation in the ICU after lecture.
 The lecture provided an opportunity for the experts to further understand this brand new technique and the guidelines of clinical application which lay a solid foundation for further promotion and popularization of¡± Human Body Regenerative and Restoration Science and Technology¡±. ZHAO Jun-guo, Director of Henan Office and LI Ying-ying also attended the lecture.
Director CHEN Quan-xi was having consultation in the ICU
Director CHEN Quan-xi was demonstrating dressing change to the doctors
Group picture of CHEN Quan-xi and medical staffs in the ICU after consultation

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