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Gathering Ideas to Seek Development Together
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On 14th to 16th December 2011, YANG Zhi-bin, President of MEBO International Group (President of Kaifeng Air Separation Hospital of MEBO Burns Wounds and Ulcers  ) LI Cui, Financial Supervisor of MEBO International Group, Professor CHEN Yong-chong, Deputy Director of The Institute of Burns Wounds and Ulcers, Beijing, ZHAO
Jun-guo, Director of MEBO Henan went to Kaifeng Air Separation Hospital of MEBO Burns Wounds and Ulcers and had a 3 days¡¯ visit and instruction to determine the development direction and focus of the Hospital. They received a warm welcome from the hospital staff.
Building 1(Outpatient and Administrative Building)
Building 2 £¨Inpatient Building1£©
Building 3 £¨Inpatient Building2£©
On the 14th, YANG Zhi-bin, President of MEBO International Group with Professor CHEN Yong-chong and LI Cui directly went to the construction site and had an inspection and guidance after getting off from the car. Manager Wang who was in charge of the construction introduced the progress of the construction and President YANG, LI and Professor CHEN made related suggestions and recommendations respectively in terms of hydroelectric setup, materials of doors and windows and also wards of burn ICU. They also required the construction party to finish the reform and decoration work with the guarantee of quality and quantity based on contract so that the new hospital can open up on March of the next year.
Manger was reporting the progress of construction to President YANG
President YANG was inspecting the quality of the Building 1
Group pictures of leaders from MEBO International Group and some of the medical staff of the hospital
In the afternoon, YANG Zhi-bin, President of MEBO International Group organized a board meeting of the hospital with the attendance of LI Cui and CHENG Yong-chong. During the meeting, WANG Wen-fang, President of the hospital made a series of reports regarding the work after hospital reorganization and after that, leaders of the board discussed and determined the direction of hospital development is ¡° centering on regenerative medicine with  great efforts  of  science and technology¡± to expand the notability and increase the influence of the hospital through promoting skills of science and research, to further expand the market share and achieve the goal of predominating the market. Moreover, the meeting also discussed and approved the proposal o f purchasing necessary equipment, advertisement, recruitment in 2012, appointments and completing various rules and regulations.
WANG Wen-fang, President of the hospital was reporting to the board
YANG Zhi-bin, President of MEBO International Group was delivering speech
YANG Zhi-bin was organizing the meeting of the hospital
On the 15th, President YANG Zhi-bin organized the meeting of senior and middle manager of hospital and LI Cui, CHENG Yong-chong, ZHAO Jun-guo was also invited. At the meeting, President YANG Zhi-bin gave a positive reply and commend regarding the recent work of the hospital and he also said the spirit of the medical staff was enhanced and everyone was smile happily with confidence which impressed him a lot during this visit. He said that our hospital will expand and develop soon with the improvement of condition and acquirement of advanced equipment and also hard work of the medical staff of the hospital. Afterwards, Directors of Department made report of 2011 and plan of 2012 respectively. The atmosphere of the meeting was active and everyone expressed their views and proposals regarding the development of the hospital and the meeting was ended until 1o¡¯clock in the afternoon. In the summary of President YANG Zhi-bin, he reinforced that all the departments should focus on their work and form a closed collaborated and highly effective practical team, full respect the reasonable complaints of every staff, make sure everyone collaborated together to build a bran new hospital with the integration of clinical application, teaching and research of regenerative medicine.
WANG Wen-fang President of the hospital was delivering speech
ZHENG Yu-hong, Director of the Burn Department was giving lecture
ZHU Deng-ling, Director of the Department was giving lecture about diabetic foot
WANG Xia- Director of the Gynaecology Department was giving lecture about the learning experience of regenerative medicine
FENG Man, Nurse of the hospital was giving lecture about the nursing interventions of large intensive burn
CHEN Hong-quan, Physician was giving lecture about the application of regenerative medicine on wound management
Attendees was listening carefully
President YANG Zhi-bin was proposing requirement of the work
Professor CHEN Yong-chong was commenting and analyzing the lectures
     In the afternoon, an activity of lecture on regenerative medicine was held in the multi-functional hall of the hospital in order to provide an opportunity to train the staffs¡¯ ability of lecturing, teaching and communication skills. The activity was hosted by the WANG Zhi-ying, Vice President of the hospital and WANG WEN-FANG, President of the hospital also delivered a speech before lecture. During the activity, doctors were very active to share their experience of regenerative medicine and more than ten medical professionals include ZHENG Yu-hong Director of the Burn Department, ZHU Deng-ling Director of Internal Department, WANG Xia Director of Gynecology Department gave lectures respectively. Even though some of doctors were a little bit nervous due to the first participation in such activity, they were still very careful to do the presentation and value the chance of training. In the end of the activity, Professor CHEN made comment on doctor¡¯s presentation and also gave some suggestions regarding the skills of presentation and communications. President YANG Zhi-bin encouraged doctors to practice more frequently and he also suggested such activity should be carried out regularly to train and promote every staff in the hospital, to promote medical care of the hospital, to improve communication skills of the medical professionals.
Professor CHEN was having consultation of a patient with unhealed ulcer for 44 years
Professor CHEN was demonstrating wound management of ¢ó degree burn
Child with large intensive burn received treatment of regenerative medicine
   The guidance and inspection of President YANG Zhi-bin improve the style of work and behavior of the medical staff and also professional skills which realized the goal of ¡°enhancing power and perfecting image¡±. WANG Wen-fang, President of the hospital expressed on behalf of the medical staff that she will run the hospital with the criteria and rules of MEBO International Group to boost the development of the hospital with the great efforts of every staff, to build a model, teaching and modern hospital of regenerative medicine.

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