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Clinical Effect Observation of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing Combined with MEBO in Treating Donate Site Wound
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DAI Yong-heng, HE Bin, XIE Li-ping, et al.
Affiliations: The People¡¯s Hospital of Ningxiang County, Ningxiang 410600, Hunan Province, China
¡¾Abstract¡¿Objective: To observe the clinical effect of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing combined with MEBO in treating donate site wound, and further to find the best way of wound covering and dressing changing in the donate site wound. Methods: 64 cases were divided into the treatment group and the control group randomly. In the treatment group, the donate site wounds were treated with MEBO firstly, and then covered with MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing, and finally, fixed it with self-adhesive dressing pad on the outmost. In the control group, the donate site wounds were covered with Vaseline gauze on the inner and with multi-sterile gauze on the outer. The time of wound healing and postoperative pain in the two groups were observed and compared. Results: In the treatment group, the duration of postoperative pain and the wound healing time were significantly shorter than that of the control group, which is statistically significant (P<0.05 or P<0.001). Conclusion: MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing combined with MEBO in treating donate site wounds has the good efficacies of relieving pain, shortening wound healing time and reducing complications. Besides, the dressing change operation of this treatment is easier and simpler.
¡¾Key words¡¿MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing; MEBO; Donate site wound; Clinical effects
Between April 2007 and September 2008, 64 cases of donor site wounds including razor split thickness skin, thin split thickness skin and thick split thickness skin admitted into our department were enlisted into our study to compare the clinical efficacies of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing combined with Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBO) therapy (the treatment group) with Vaseline gauze treatment (the control group). The main observation indexes are pain degree, healing time of the three types of skin flap donor sites. The study results proved that the clinical efficacies of the treatment group were obviously much better than that of the control group. Following is the details:
1. Clinical Data and Methods:
1.1 Clinical Data:
Totally 64 cases selected in the study included 45 male and 19 female. The oldest was at the age of 50 while the youngest was 8-month old. 27 cases were burn granulation tissue donor site wounds, 23 cases for plastic surgery and 14cases for wound and ulcer. The area of donor site varied from 15cm¡Á12cm¡«20cm¡Á12cm. The skin was taken away with the humpy knife and electrical dermatome. (See Table 1)
                    Table 1¡¡Statistics of Clinical Data
Case number
Donor Site
Lower Limb
Razor split thickness
Thin split thickness
Thick split thickness
1.2 Methods:
0.25%~ 05% lidocaine solutions was used to infiltrate the donor sites locally during the operation. In the cases of local anesthesia, added 1:200000 epinephrine to the local anesthetics; while in the cases of general anesthesia, injected the normal saline with 1:200000 epinephrine in the donor sites. After skin-taking operation, the donor sites were classified randomly, based on the anatomic positions of proximal & distal and internal &external, as MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing group (the treatment group) and Vaseline gauze group (the control group)  to carry out the comparative study. Pressure dressing with multilayer sterile gauze after covered with the relevant dressings. Uncovered the top dressings 72hrs post-operation without removing the MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing to directly smear MEBO on the outside of MEBO Dressing; and then topped it with another MEBO Dressing. Bandaged it with self adhesive gauze pad on the top. Change dressings every 2-3days afterwards, during dressing changes only the external protective patch was removed with the firstly applied MEBO Dressing left on the wound. Directly applied MEBO on the wound-touching side of MEBO Dressing and covered the original protective patch again (Do not replace it with a new one), bandaged it with the thin gauze, which looked like a sandwich biscuit. Repeated the process until the wounds were healed. However, the Vaseline gauze on the control group was not removed away until the Vaseline gauze was dried to fall off. Recovered the wounds with the thin gauze at the same time of dressing change in the treatment group.
Fig. 1 Skin of thin split thickness was taken away by surgeries
Fig. 2 Apply MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing at the proximal heart end while apply Vaseline at the distal end
Fig. 3 Took off the outside dressing 3days post-operation
Fig.4 Apply MEBO Ointment on the MEBO Dressing and then re-top it with another MEBO Dressing,
Fig.5 MEBO Dressing treated area epidermidalized after 9 days treatment while in the Vaseline treated area, the gauze didn¡¯t fall off and the wound remained unhealed.
2. Clinical Results:
The results of two groups were compared: the pain occurrence and the healing time in the treatment group were obviously lower than that in the control group. The differences between two groups were significant. (See Table 2&3)
Table 2¡¡ Case number of pain occurrence on the donor site
Razor split thickness
Thin split thickness
Thick split thickness
Treatment group
Control group
Table 3¡¡Healing Time (Days)
Razor split thickness
Thin split thickness
Thick split thickness
Treatment group
Control group
Test of Significance
Fig. 6 Vaseline Gauze was taken off after 15days and the wound site healed.        
Fig.7 After 30days, there was still itching and small blisters in the control group, which wasn¡¯t found in MEBO group.
3. Discussion
Favorable treatment of donor sides should include the following features like reduced postoperative pain, easy dressing changes, shorter healing time without infection and scar formation, which make patients accept the skin grafting easily. Otherwise, patients would only suffer from more pains. Traditionally, we cover the donor site with Vaseline gauze which has several drawbacks like donor site dry and pain, longer heal time, vulnerable to infection and scar formation. That is the reason why patients are afraid of skin grafting and they consider it as robbing peter to pay Paul and that the loss outweighs the gain. We used to substitute the Vaseline gauze with Nano silver gauze previously, it did reduce the infection rate but pain and scaring still exist. Moreover, healing time can not be shortened obviously. In recent yeas, with the popularization and application of skin generation in situ therapy in the field of burn wound and surface ulcers, MEBT has achieved remarkable effects in the treatment of donor site wounds. Single use of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing on the donor site can also obtain the same effects. In this study, 64 cases with razor split thickness, thin split thickness and thick split thickness have all got significant effects by using MEBO Dressing combined with MEBO, with easy and simple dressing change. So we summarize the several advantages of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing as below:
3.1 Easy Dressing Change
In this study, all patients in the treatment group changed dressings firstly 72hrs after skin harvesting. Later dressing changes can be done every 2-3 days according to the thickness of skin flap and the amount of drainage. Generally, razor split thickness donor site can heal only with once dressing change. Different from the burn wound and ulcers which need change dressing every 6-8 hrs usually, the donor site wound is a sterile wound, with the consistent depth and no necrosis tissues, so there will be no liquefied and necrosis tissues after applying MEBO. MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing consists of the non-woven gauze with the reticular structure impregnated with sesame oil and beeswax, and self adhesive dressings. Actually, the main ingredients of it are the same as MEBO; with the support of the reticular structure, it can make MEBO penetrate through the donor site slowly and constantly. It is also the reason why dressing changes in using MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing needn¡¯t be carried out every 6-8 hrs or one time a day, just like MEBT\MEBO therapy. And besides, there will a transparent albuminous membrane formed after the use of MEBO Dressing on the wound, which can adhere to the newly-born vessels physiologically during that time. So it would be a damage to change the MEBO Dressing once a day, on the contrary, just applying MEBO on the MEBO Dressing will not only protect the wound but also keep it in a physiological moist environment as well. It has been proved that this is a feasible method in line with the skin regeneration in situ theory.
3.2 No Pains, Fast Wound Healing without infection, scars or other complications
Injury to the nerve endings, dry stimulation due to wound exposure are the leading causes of donor site pain. After covered with MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing, there would be a layer of peptone protective membrane formed which can prevent the nerve endings from the direct stimulation and injury of the air to reduce their sensitivity in the physiological moist environment provided by MEBO. Also the membrane can relieve the rapid vaporization effectively. In addition, the berberine in MEBO can relieve the spasm of areector pili muscle. Thus, the pain can be obviously relieved.
The basic mechanism of wound repair after injury is to connect or replace the defected tissues with the proliferated cells and intercellular substance. The ideal repair condition is that the defected tissues are repaired with the cells of totally the same qualities and their original structure and function. MEBO contains Beta sitosterol, baicalin berberine, polysaccharides, organic acid and protein, which can provide a physiological moist environment favorable for the tissue repair, and have the functions of inhibiting collagen fiber proliferation, activating the PRCs that induce into stem cells and epithelial cells eventually, so that the original structure and function of epithelial cells can be restored so as to achieve the complete recovery and healing without scar formation.
In conclusion, MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing combined with MEBO should be applied in the treatment of donor site wounds with the superior effects of easy dressing changes, analgesia, anti-infection and fast wound healing.
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¡¾About the Authors¡¿
DAIYong-heng (1965~): Male (Han); Director of Department, Vice Chief Physician; born in Changsha City, Hunan Province; graduated from Medical School of Nanhua University.
HE Bin (1980~): Male (Han); Attending Physician; born in Changsha City, Hunan Province; graduated from Xiangya Medical School of Zhongnan University.
XIE Li-ping (1972~): Male (Han); Attending Physician; born in Changsha City, Hunan Province; graduated from Medical School of Nanhua University.

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