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27th Patent of HBRRS Authorized by United States Patent and Trademark Office
Add Time£º2011/10/20 17:03:56
    Autumn has always been a season of harvest, as the saying goes, no autumn fruits without spring blossoms. At this golden season, MEBO science and career also obtained its scientific achievements. On the Sep. 16, the Demonstration Lectures on Application of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science (HBRRS) was successfully held by Prof. XU at the Fangfeiyuan Hall of Diaoyutai State Guest House. Many major domestic and overseas new agencies and medias have reported this great event such as China News Service, Guangming Daily, China Daily, Health News, PR Newswire and others. Especially, the Newspaper of Chinese People¡¯s Political Consultative Conference and China Profiles issued special reports on this event and spoke highly of it. On the Oct. 15th, another good news came out just one month after the demonstration lecture, the 27th invention of Prof. XU Rong-xiang in the field of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science ---¡°Methods and Compositions for Activating Regenerative Stem Sells from Bone Marrow¡± is officially authorized by United States Patent and Trademark Office
   This patent confirmed the regenerative potential of human body from another perspective, and demonstrated that it is MEBO who has firstly discovered and mastered the core technology of realizing the regenerative restoration of human body. Previously, though human body regenerative potential has always been denied by the mainstream research of life science, there are still many scientists who believe human body also possess the regenerative potential based on the study on lizard tail regeneration. However, they have to stay in the stage of exploration and assumption due to the lack of scientific supportive evidence. It is MEBO that firstly realized the regenerative restoration of all the human body organs with her beginning successful case of skin regeneration.  The core technology is to obtain regenerative nutrients which can invigorate and culture human tissue organs. Activating the potential regenerative cells by regenerative nutrients to in situ regenerate new cells which replace the defect and intractable cells, and finally to realize the regenerative restoration of tissue organs with the physiological structure and function. The product that developed and produced based on this and others patents--- MEBO Burn Ointment has been applied successfully in clinic for many years, which has not only been the mainstream technique and medication, but also accepted by dozens of foreign countries to treat more than 40 millions patients with burn wounds and surface ulcers who all have realized skin in situ regenerative restoration after burns, and thus, MEBO has become the conventional emergency treatment and medication in those countries.

  The intellectual property of MEBO is protected by the authorization of the patent, more importantly, more techniques and products will be developed and produced based on this patent, which can not only realize the regenerative restoration of the patients with burns and also ulcers but also provide an effective approach to treat diseases and cancers resulting from bone marrow problems in that if bone marrow was regenerated, leukemia would be radically resolved. This patent will contribute a lot to the development of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science which benefits the human beings.

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