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Annoucement No.4 Dr. Rongxiang Xu Completed the First Phase Clinical Study of Cancer
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July 15, 2008, ChinaNews.Com:
Today China¡¯s famous life scientist Professor Rongxiang Xu, M.D., disclosed to the public the 5th report on his clinical studies of cancer, which was also submitted to the State Ministry of Health and Commission of Science & Technology, along with all research data and materials, hoping to gain legal and regulatory support and attract attention from the government.  
As we have learned, this study is the first phase clinical study of cancer after the  announcement of a 5-Year Plan for Conquering Cancer on January 15, 2008 by Beijing Rongxiang Regenerative Medicine, a part of MEBO International Group. The announcement stated that based on their ongoing research on organ cloning and regeneration involving stem cells, there are fundamental differences in the requirement of vital nutrients between cancer cells and normal cells; their cellular and animal experiments indicate that those combinations of nutritional substances that promoted normal cell proliferation and differentiation actually caused termination of cancer cell growth.  The first phase of their cancer studies started on January 25, 2008 and lasted about 5 months.
According to Dr. Xu, the aim of the study is to treat terminal cancer patients who have failed and given up on medical treatment of cancer with a total nutritional therapy by providing them with a complete set of nutrients necessary for normal cellular activities according to the different requirements of 80% of human cells that have their own schedules of activity and rest at different times, so as to restore the functions of the gastrointestinal tract in a last chance effort, thereby ensuring sufficient digestion, absorption and utilization of various nutrients, strengthening the normal cells, restoring the regenerative functions of tissues and organs in order to resist the cancer cells¡¯ harm to the normal cells, and fighting cancer through nourishment of the normal cells. Participated in this study were 359 terminal cancer patients who have given up on medical anti-cancer treatment. 
Results from this study indicate that among the patients who have participated in the treatment with the total nutritional therapy for more than 4 months, those who started at a relatively stabilized stage have a survival rate of 100%; those at a stage of disease progression have a survival rate of 61.54 % and are currently stabilized; those at a stage of end-of-life salvage (63 cases) have a survival rate of 33.33% with 20 patients still surviving.  These data are distinctively different from the half-month survival rate under the international cancer treatment standards.  In this study there is a significant increase not only in the overall survival rate, but also in the survival rate separately for various stages and types of cancer.  These results from the study bring hope to us in our fight against cancer.
Dr. Xu states that the next phase of his cancer studies will focus on using the total nutritional therapy to treat late stage cancer patients.  However, in their studies of cells after the total nutritional therapy, they have found that there is a conflict between the total nutritional therapy and the current medical treatment of cancer such as chemotherapy.  In compliance with relevant regulatory rules this phase of study will not start unless approval of medical experiments is granted by the regulatory agency of the government. 

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