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Announcement No. 6 on the War against Cancer
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Anti-Cancer with Regenerative Therapy, Its Theory and Mechanisms of Action,
as well as the Pathogenesis and Etiology of Cancer
After the publication of our anti-cancer research at the cellular levels, we released another report on January 15, 2008, and the clinical study was formally commenced on Jan. 25, 2008.  Our Report No. 5 on the War Against Cancer was released on Jul. 14, 2008 to publicize the progress made in the clinical applications to anti-cancer with regenerative therapy, in which the lives of most of the terminal (at the end-of-life stage) cancer patients, who had abandoned medical treatment, had exceeded the expected 3 month-survival under the regenerative effects of the regenerative nutrients provided by MEBO.  These survived patients were qualified to continue to participate in our further clinical studies, which constitutes phase II of the clinical anti-cancer study.
It has already been one year since the implementation of our research plan on conquering caner clinically with regenerative therapy and using regenerative nutrients, here we disclose to the public the Report No. 6 to report the progress we made in our anticancer clinical study after one year of treating terminal cancer patients who have abandoned medical treatment.  In addition, to promote the development of anti-cancer research and to enhance the survival of terminal cancer patients, we also announce here our theory and mechanisms of action of anti-Cancer with regenerative therapy in the human Body, as well our views on the pathogenesis and etiology of cancer.
I. Reports on the Regeneration and Restoration of Terminal Cancer Patients Who Had Abandoned Medical Treatment in the Phase II Study:
After our phase I study was completed on 14th Jul, 2008, we made another research plan (phase II) for those survived cancer patients who volunteered to participate in the phase II study and to continue to be treated with our regenerative therapy for another 6 months.   Here we report the results of these patients after 12 months of treatment.
(1) Summary of Middle-Term Results:
1. The over all survival rate of the terminal cancer patients is 82%.
2. The health index of the survived patients has improved.
3. Tumor monitoring index of survived patients has improved daily.
4. The size of tumors has decreased daily, except for few patients. Few patients have shrunken primary tumors but metastasized to a new location which however has not enlarged so far. 
5. Patients with lung cancer and leukemia have obtained much better therapeutic effects than other patients with other types of cancer.
6. Obvious in situ regeneration and restoration has been observed in the organs of the patients.
7. The bodyweight of patients has increased.
8. Patients are feeling better and better in general.

(2) Exemplary Case Reports

Case 1
58 Year-Old female patient with bone metastasis of right lung cancer and progressive terminal cancer.
After her final diagnosis she was given chemotherapy for 3 times without operation, but to which she responded poorly. Some obvious symptoms were not eliminated such as bloody sputum and right rib pain etc, and eventually she gave up medical treatment. Since Feb 28 2008, she was treated with MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy [also called regenerative therapy], and satisfactory results were obtained after 3-month treatment such as the elimination of bloody sputum, pain relieving, and great improvements in appetite and complexion. In the 4th month, except the improvements mentioned above, following marked changes in physical sign were observed.
(1) Hair: She was suffering from hair loss after chemotherapy and even her scalp was exposed with only about half amount of hair left. After MEBO¡¯s total nutritionaltherapy, her hair was very thick, which was even healthier than that of healthy peers. In addition, some of her new hair is curly after MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy, while which was straight in the past.
(2) Skin: Her skin used to be crude, especially the arms and thighs with small particles like chicken skin. Now these skins are smooth and tender after MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy.
(3) Bodyweight and muscles: She put on weight obviously with strong muscles, unlike her peers with incompact muscles.
(4) Breast: Breasts were full and soft after MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy, seems that she was a young girl again, unlike the breasts which were becoming flat years ago before MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy.
(5) Muliebrity Reappear: Leucorrhea appeared again, which disappeared 7 or 8 years ago.
(6) Lung tumor was decreased from 30¡Á43mm to 27¡Á29mm.

Case 2.
44 Year-Old Female Patient with Leukemia
Clinical diagnosis: Relapsed Acute non-lymphocytic leukemia (M2a) post chemotherapy.
The patient was treated with MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy for 3 months.  Her overall mental state and complexion improved significantly as she had gained sufficient sleep, vitality and an increase of bodyweight of 5kg. Tests of her blood smears and bone marrow biopsy revealed that all cellular indexes are back to normal, especially in white blood cell counts. 

Case 3
54 Year-Old Male Patient with Central Type Lung Cancer and Adenocarcinoma
On Feb. 5, 2008 the patient started the treatment with MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy. After a period of treatment the patient gained marked improvement in many aspects, such as a good appetite, unobstructed defecate, high spirit, good complexion and physical fitness, 2 kg of weight gain, sound sleep, no more pain and significant reduction of lung tumor size.
[A Letter from Patient¡¯s Child] 
Honorable Dr. Xu, happy New Year!
Thanks to MEBO Elixir and MEBO techniques, my father has succeeded in fighting against cancer and remains alive today. He got a cold some days ago, but recovered in a short time after MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy, and even much better than before. Before the MEBO therapy, he always breathed with some kind of tiny sharp noises. Now, this symptom has disappeared, along with his coughing up blood and coughs, and he is very much like a healthy person. After the recent CT check, the results showed that the tumors became much smaller. The size of tumors with inflammation was 13X22mm while now reduced to 12X20mm, and still in the course of getting smaller. All the blood examinations showed with normal indexes and carcino-embryonic antigen of CEA was 2.29. During his oral intake of MEBO¡¯s gastrointestinal capsules (GIC) and MEBO Elixir, my father exercised by following some patterns created by himself at home. Now he has good appetites, sound sleep, unobstructed defecate and good complexion. He always wears mouth-muffe when he is out. He told me that he will fight against cancer with the support of MEBO and Dr. Xu. Except for MEBO GIC and MEBO Elixir, he takes no other kind of medicine. My father relies mentally and physically on MEBO.  MEBO is my father¡¯s greatest support. Please allow my father to continue to participate in the next phase of the clinical study, because only MEBO will save my father¡¯s life.  Here I present my whole family to express our heartfelt appreciation to MEBO!

Case 4
62 Year-Old Male Patient with Central Type Lung Cancer of Left Lung.
On March 3, 2008 the patient started the treatment with MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy. With the therapy, he improved markedly to a great extent in many aspects. The re-examination showed that: the symptom of inflammation of right and left lungs turned markedly better, bilaterial pleural effusion disappeared basically and the hydropericardium turned to be less than before.
Patient¡¯s condition after discharge from hospital (before treatment with the MEBO therapy): poor appetite and no gustation when eating. He only had 1/3 of healthy people¡¯s appetite. In those days he always felt tired, sleepy and exhausted. And the amount of leucocytes appeared to be smaller than that of a normal person. During the night he had poor sleep and had insomnia in the later part of the night.
Mental state after 9 months¡¯ treatment with the MEBO therapy on December 1, 2008:
[Excepts of a letter from the patient himself] Now I have no health problem, feeling much like a healthy person. Every day I have three meals on time and have the same appetite as a healthy person. Physically I have recovered significantly. Everyday I go out for physical exercise and my weight remains at the normal level of 54 kg; and I have unobstructed and regular defecates. Mentally I feel really good. Thanks to MEBO group for the hope that you have brought to our family and thank you so much!

Case 5
64 Year-Old Female Patient with Progressive Terminal Cancer
Clinical diagnosis:
1. Right lung cancer;
2. Right pleural metastatic tumor;
3. Type II diabetes.
The patient obtained a final diagnosis in PLA General Hospital in November 2007 and tried chemotherapy twice in Dec 2007 and Jan 2008, respectively without notable efficacy. A recheck with X-ray in Mar 2008 showed: the condition was further aggravated and the tumor was enlarging. After that, the patient gave up the traditional medical treatment and began to try Chinese traditional medicine at home. From May 24th 2008, the patient turned to MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy.
After treatment with the MEBO therapy for 3 weeks, the patient got remarkable improvement on food and drink intake, sleep and physical fitness. After 2 months of dietetic therapy, the diet and physical fitness of the patient were further improved with a sound mental state. After rechecking by X-ray, the condition was stabilized without any aggravation. There were no other symptoms except for occasional cough and chest distress. It was more delectable that the diabetes was in a much better condition. Before the MEBO therapy, morning fasting blood sugar measured about 15mmol/L, or even 20mmol/L, with a continuous injection of insulin. After two months of the MEBO therapy, the morning fasting blood sugar levels dropped to 8.5 to 10mmol/L. Now the amount of insulin used by the patient has largely decreased and now she can have a normal diet without serious dietetic restraints.

Case 6
38 Year-Old Female Patient with Adenocarcinoma of Lung Complicated with Bronchioalveolar, Liver Metastasis.
On March 27, 2008 the patient turned to MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy. After this therapy, the patient improved markedly in many healthy factors, such as hepatic metastasis notably reduced. The following report is on the results of MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy on January 6, 2009.
[A Letter from the patient herself]
After 8 months of treatment with the MEBO therapy, my conditions are very stable and have improved in many health aspects. During the treatment with the therapy, I stopped taking any medicine and basically no longer had abnormal symptoms. I had good appetite and a weight gain of 1kg once more in this month. I slept well. Before I always felt tired and sleepy, while now all the symptoms have disappeared. I could even do some house chores and perform some physical labor. Monthly blood routine examinations showed all indexes were normal. I think all the improvement could not be achieved without MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy, which not only improved my life quality but also enhanced my confidence in fighting against cancer. On behalf of my family members and others have MEBO products, thanks to MEBO group. Because it is you that let me have the normal and harmony life and I will have cooperate with your shoulder by shoulder to fight against the diseases to the end!
Case 7
45 Year-Old Female Patient with Rectal Cancer and Ovarian Cancer.
The patient started MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy on Mar. 9, 2008, and after that her sleep condition was improved significantly with her bodyweight gained 5 kg. Now her mental state is good and her complexion is the same as that of a healthy person. She has been back to work for 3 months and each test index is normal.
The following is a letter from the patient dated Dec. 8, 2008.
Dear Prof. Xu and all of the medical experts of MEBO,
Time has passed by quickly since my last status report 1 month ago. Generally this month I feel good, and the indexes in the following tests: the B Ultrasound, X-ray, liver and renal function, biochemistry and blood tests, are all normal after administration of MEBO GIC for 11 months and MEBO Elixir for 9 months.  A year and a half have passed by since my ovarian operation in March 2007 and 1 year since my rectal operation. In early Oct 2008 a pea-sized polypus was detected in enteroscopy which was determined to be canalicular adenoma by pathological examination. In early Novemeber as I was admitted to the hospital and ready to get the polypus excised under electron microscope, surprisingly the doctor could not find the polypus any more. 

Currently I feel great and my complexion is the same as that of a normal person, pink and glowing. I have been back to work for 3 months. My health condition is totally different from that before the MEBO therapy. I have my meals on time every morning, noon and night, half an hour before which, I always take MEBO GIC, and take MEBO Elixir during the meals. Each index was shown to be normal in blood tests in October, indicating the obvious therapeutic effects of MEBO GIC and Elixir. Meanwhile, according to the diet plan invented by Prof. Xu, I mainly take in whole grains, vegetables and fruits, to achieve the diversification of diet, in which sufficient nutrients are essential as well. I used to have poor quality of sleep with too many dreams, but now I am enjoying normal sleeping. I always go to bed at 10 at night and 1-hour nap is needed as well. My physical strength is basically normal and I can do washing and housework like before. Due to the stumble caused by housework, my bodyweight this month decreased 1 kg, so my bodyweight now is 50 kg, which is still 5 kg heavier than that when I was discharged from the hospital [before the MEBO treatment]. Now and then there is some pain on the left top of navel, which may be caused by atrophic gastritis, while I am continuously taking GIC. Recently because of the coming winter, the weather is cold and dry, I have got a little cold with a running nose and sneezing. I didn¡¯t feel throat pain or fever etc, so I didn¡¯t take any anti-inflammatory, just some anti-influenza medicine. I am getting much better today, except the symptoms mentioned above, I don¡¯t have any other symptoms. My husband and I do feel that I am getting better and better, which is closely related to the therapeutic effects offered by MEBO GIC and Elixir, and we want to say thank you to Proff. Xu and all the experts who bring us back to normal life.
Case 8:
45 Year-Old Female Patient with Rectal Cancer that Metastasized to Her Right Ovary.
The patient started MEBO¡¯s total nutritional therapy on Feb. 5, 2008 and obvious changes were observed since day 12, such as appetite improvement, gain of body weight and the color of ventral stoma showed to be normal. Till now she has treated with the MEBO therapy for nearly 1 year and numerous changes were obviously observed, including complexion, consciousness and physical strength. Her bodyweight has gained nearly 10 kilograms and the regular pain on stomach has disappeared. All the test indexes are showed to be turning to normal.
The following is a report sent by the patient¡¯s husband on Dec. 30, 2008.
Till now my wife¡¯s health condition has been relatively stable, and significant effects were obtained after the MEBO therapy under the monitoring and instruction of MEBO¡¯s regenerative medical experts. She has a good appetite and digestive ability as indicated by the regular and normal amount and frequency of urine and stool. The only problem is that sometimes she got loose stool, and the reason is still unclear. The injured peripheral skin of her ostoma is completely healed by applying the MEBO wound ointment. She felt good and her complexion and physical strength have much improved. Her bodyweight is basically stable with slightly overweight. Her sleep has not been so satisfactory, since she always couldn¡¯t fall asleep at 2 ¨C 4 o¡¯clock in the morning. However, the pain on her limbs has relieved significantly.

In summary by using the MEBO products the condition of her body has been better adjusted and improved significantly.  I would like to sincerely thank Prof. Xu and all of MEBO¡¯s medical experts and wish you a very happy new year.  Without MEBO my wife would not have recovered to such an extent.  

We also would like to apply for the next treatment course and please approve our application. Thank you again!

II. Core Theory of Anti-cancer by Regeneration of the Human Body
We believe that during the development of human body, there are some cells, which we named Potentially Regenerative Cells (PRCs), existing in all tissues and organs in the body.  The PRCs possess the potential to proliferate and differentiate to replace aging, cancerous, diseased and apoptotic adult cells through regeneration in situ. With the nutritional effects provided by MEBO¡¯s life regenerative substances, PRCs proliferate and differentiate to replace defective, ageing, cancerous, diseased and apoptotic somatic cells, and the life regenerative nutrients can not only supply nutrients to PRCs but also terminate transformation of normal cells into cancer cells and kill cancer cells, thereby preventing and treating cancer.

III. Mechanisms of Action of Anti-Cancer with Regenerative Therapy and Pathogenesis of Cancer
1. Mechanisms of Action of Anti-Cancer with Regenerative Therapy
After the life regenerative substances are absorbed by normal cells, they participate in cell metabolism to maintain the normal division and proliferation of normal cells, which doubled several times after 5 days in the culture. After the cancer cells absorbed the life regenerative substances, they began to die due to apoptosis, and all the human cancer cells in the experiment died in day 5. The process for cancer cell death is that after the life regenerative substances were absorbed by the cancer cells, mitochondria in the cancer cells swelled to death and the cells lost their microvilli. Meanwhile the nuclear activity was terminated, eventually leading to the death of cancer cell via apoptosis. Thus, we have confirmed that the mechanisms of action of anti-cancer with life regenerative substances lay in that the life regenerative substances can not only promote and maintain the vigorous activity of normal cells, but also cause the death of cancer cell mitochondria. In addition, according to our experiment results, cancer cells and normal cells require totally different nutrients, and follow different rules of life.
2. Pathogenesis of Cancer
According to our experimental results that life regenerative substances cause the death of mitochondria of the cancer cell first, and subsequently death of the whole cancer cell.  We believe that cancer is a disease of mitochondria, and the pathogenesis of cancer is the mutation of function and structure of mitochondria, which are caused by an insufficient supply of nutrients required for normal cell proliferation, which eventually leads to abnormal proliferation and differentiation of cells.

3. Cancer is Preventable
Life regenerative substances can prevent the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells based on our experiments on induction of cell transformation, indicating that cancer is a preventable disease.

4. Etiology of Cancer
It is proved by our experiments and clinical studies that the life regenerative substances participate in the metabolism of human tissues and organs through the digestive system. Based on the results obtained from the regeneration and restoration of the terminal cancer patients summarized above, as well as the in vitro experiments we conducted for prevention of cellular transformation, we believe that the occurrence of cancer is closely related to nutrients absorbed by the body, and we conjure that cancer is caused by the insufficient intake of nutrients by the body.

IV. Phase III Clinical Anti-Cancer Research Plan
From the publication date of this Report No.6 to Jul. 1 2009, we will conduct phase III clinical anti-cancer research with regenerative therapy in terminal cancer patients.  We will continue to provide our regeneration and restoration service to the patients who just finished the Phase II research.  Also, we will provide the service to additional 100 terminal cancer patients who are willing to participate in the study. To apply for the enrollment, please visit www.mebo.com, and register by clicking column ¡°Anti-Cancer with Regenerative Therapy¡±. Applicants shall submit all the materials strictly according to the requirements, and we will accept 100 patients according to the registration order. We do hope everyone will have confidence and trust in all the current medical therapies for cancer treatment, and try to get as much medical treatment as possible.  However, if no therapeutic effects could be obtained from all of the medical interventions and the patient is in the terminal stage of cancer, we can try our best to help these terminal cancer patients with the treatment of our regenerative therapy. Here we stress that our research is only designed for those terminal cancer patients who have given up upon medical treatment; all applicants must provide the certification given by oncologists from a county hospital or higher ranking hospital that the patient has failed the medical treatment of cancer and has abandoned further medical intervention, together with an application form filled by two or more family members of the cancer patient.

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