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The Dedication Ceremony for Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Science Centre was Held in Nankai University
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On December 30, 2016, the dedication ceremony for Nankai University  (NKU) Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Science Centre was held successfully in the School of Life Sciences of NKU, marking the official establishment of a joint research base in China for propagating and further developing regenerative life sciences. This is another important research base founded for regenerative life sciences after the establishment of Rongxiang Xu MD Centre for Regenerative Therapeutics at Harvard Medical School, Rongxiang Xu Centre of Regenerative Life Science at University of South California, and Rongxiang Xu Bioscience Innovation Centre at Cal State LA.

Leaders of MEBO International including Mr. Kevin Xu, Chairman of the Board, and Ms. Li Li, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yang Zhibin, President of MEBO China, Mr. Chen Baoqi and Ms. Zhang Qian, Vice Presidents of MEBO China, and leaders from NKU including Gong Ke, President of NKU, and Wang Lei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of NKU attended the ceremony.

The research base for regenerative life science, co-founded by NKU and MEBO International, will make full use of the resource advantages of fund, talents, information, research power and international influence from both sides to carry out the basic and applied researches for regenerative life science and to promote the international development of regenerative life science. Dr. Rongxiang Xu had always been concerned about the development of higher education in China, therefore, MEBO International made a donation to NKU to establish the ¡® Rongxiang Xu Education Permanent Fund¡¯ in order to support the research of NKU, especially of the young students on regenerative life science.

Gong Ke, President of NKU, and Kevin Xu, Board Chairman of MEBO International at the dedication ceremony for ¡®Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Science Centre¡¯ at NKU

Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Science Centre will conduct the scientific research under the education and research framework of NKU with the assistance of the research power of Key Laboratory of Bioactive Materials of Ministry of Education at School of Life Sciences of NKU. The research base is fully accessible to the research power of NKU in the field of bioactive materials and the international influence of MEBO International to further advance the study and the international development of regenerative life sciences.

MEBO International has always been taken ¡®strive for human life¡¯ as its own mission, and Mr. Kevin Xu has been making constant efforts to promote the global sustainable development and encouraging the young people to take on more social responsibilities. Kevin Xu and Gong Ke both agreed that only by cultivating accountable and responsible young people who have dreams, can the development of life sciences then be guaranteed and the research goals of life sciences be achieved.


Kevin Xu, Board Chairman of MEBO International, gave a speech

Gong Ke also showed respect to what MEBO Group has done in terms of drug research, the efforts made to solve diseases and the willingness to explore the secrets of life and to promote the global sustainable development. He hoped that the collaboration between NKU and MEBO International could keep evolving in scale and developing in depth to be a more comprehensive and multi-disciplinary collaboration in the field of life sciences.


Gong Ke, President of NKU, gave a speech

After the ceremony, leaders from MEBO also visited the NKU and were deeply impressed by the rich cultural atmosphere and the excellent academic achievements.


Life sciences have become an important drive for the development of other subjects with regenerative life science being increasingly valued in more and more countries. The in-depth collaboration between NKU and MEBO International this time will further promote the development of regenerative life science and its applications to help more people and make more contributions to a better world.






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