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The 18th Congress of International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) was successfully held during which Dr. Xu Rongxiang - the father of regenerative medicine was remembered by friends from all circles
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¡ª¡ª Report on the Regenerative Medicine seminar in 18th ISBI congress

Local time 8:15 AM, 29 August 2016, the 18th ISBI congress with the theme of ¡°One World, One Standard of Burn Care¡± raised its curtain with over 800  professionals and experts in the field of burn care attending the event including about 400 lecturers. More than 200 posters were presented in the congress and over 40 experts from China gave excellent lectures and contributed more than 30 posters.
In the opening ceremony, the chairman of the conference reviewed the progress in the treatment of burns around the world  over the past two decades, with an emphasis on the new breakthroughs in burn treatment from the developing countries. Also, the organizing committee showed their sincere appreciation for the support from MEBO International which is the sponsor of the congress.


Panoramic view of the opening ceremony

Acknowledgment from the organizing committee to the sponsors


The old friends of MEBO International, Dr. Jayaranman Venkataraman from India and professor Mohamed Sakr from Alexandria University in Egypt were invited to preside over the congress and gave a brief introduction to the inventor of regenerative medicine, Dr. Xu Rongxiang, followed by a commemorative video in memory of Dr. Xu. A shower of warm applause was received at the end of the video in recognition of the achievements of Dr. Xu Rongxiang in the field of regenerative medicine and in praise of his lifelong dedication to improving human health.
The regenerative medicine seminar witnessed excellent speeches from three experts in the field of regenerative medicine: ¡°Case Report of Severe Extensive Burn Successfully Treated with MEBT/MEBO¡± from Hu Dongcai, the Secretary-General of the Burn Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine; ¡°Experience with MEBT/MEBO in Wound Management in Philippines¡± delivered by Dr. Glenn Genuino from Philippine General Hospital, the former President of Philippine Burn Association; and the lecture on impaired wound healing titled ¡°Application of In Situ Regenerative Medicine in Refractory Wound¡± given by professor Shang Qingxin, the general manager of Shanghai MEBO Life Science & Technology Co., Ltd. After the seminar, some experts came to the MEBO booth to further exchange their thoughts on regenerative medicine and learn more about the achievements of Dr. Xu in the field of regenerative life sciences, to which they expressed their appreciation and showed sympathy for the passing of Dr. Xu. 

Photos from the seminar

In the morning of 30 August, professor Mohamed Sakr presented a study report titled ¡°Assessment of Regenerative Therapy (MEBT/MEBO) in Healing of Various Open Wounds: A Multicenter Controlled Randomized Trial¡± which covered the application of burn regenerative therapy in over 260 patients with burns, wounds and diabetic foot ulcers, drawing a lot of attention from the attendees.


The scene of presentation given by Dr. Mohamed Sakr

In the morning of 31 August, Professor Tan Jun from Hunan Provincial People¡¯s Hospital shared his clinical experience in the treatment of various scars by combining the fractional laser technology and Moist Exposed Burn Ointment in a presentation titled ¡°Clinical efficacy of manual fractional technology using a fractional CO2 laser for the treatment of hypertrophic scars¡±, and also made a vivid comparison between this new combined therapy and the traditional surgical treatment for the treatment of scars. The attendees were all amazed by the excellent clinical efficacy of regenerative therapy for the treatment of scars. Subsequently, some experts visited the MEBO booth after the presentation to learn more about the application of Moist Exposed Burn Ointment and MEBO Scar Ointment in the treatment and prevention of scars.

Professor Tan Jun was making the presentation

In addition, MEBO international, for this congress, also specially invited three experts from China to submit and present posters on regenerative medicine, which served well for academic promotion as well.


Collection of posters

Furthermore, after being told about the life story of Dr. Xu Rongxiang  by MEBO team, the organizing committee set up a special column ¡°MEBO-Dr. Xu Memorial¡± in the dedicated mobile APP for the congress in remembrance of Dr. Xu Rongxiang, the father of regenerative medicine.

Screenshot of the mobile APP for the congress


On the 1 September, the five-day congress drew to a close. The regenerative medicine seminar and MEBO booth impressed the over 800 attendees deeply and added to the beauty of Miami with MEBO's footprint. With the further development and popularization of regenerative medicine in the world, we believe that more and more people will join the cause of regenerative life science to carry forward and enrich the legacy of Dr. Xu Rongxiang and work together to promote the future global development of regenerative medicine.
We look forward to seeing all of you in New Delhi, India in 2018!


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