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Miracles Created with Regenerative Medicine
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On August 16, 2016, a tragedy happened to a three-member family in Bohai town, Mudanjiang city due to a gas explosion which seriously burned all three of them. The depth of burn reached deep second degree to third degree in all three cases with total body surface area (TBSA) of 80% in two patients and 95% in another patient complicated by moderate respiratory tract burn being the father who returned to the fire twice trying to rescue his child.

After going through 10 days of treatment in a hospital in Mudanjiang, on August 23, the patients were transferred to Mudanjiang First People¡¯s Hospital due to the high cost of treatment incurred in the previous hospital. A medical team was subsequently set up by Mudanjiang First People¡¯s Hospital, trying to save the patient regardless of cost.

After 20 days of treatment led by Dr. Jiang Yuehu, director of Burns Department, all the three patients were brought out of danger by the team. Dr. Hu Dongcai, chief physician and expert in regenerative therapy from the Burn Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine also participated in the whole treatment course together with the team.

So far, the in-situ regeneration of the skin and tissues have been achieved in all the three patients with large area severe burns: physiological restoration and regeneration of the burned skin has been achieved in two of the patients with TBSA of 80% while the another patient with severe burn injury of 95% TBSA has only 5% residual burn wounds left in the process of healing. During the whole treatment process, Moist Exposed Burn Therapy was applied to activate the regenerative potential of the skin in order to achieve the skin regeneration and physiological restoration of functions. The results therefore showed that several advantages of the in-situ regenerative therapy in treating burn wounds including: less pain (patients were treated without anaesthesia), low cost (total treatment cost of less than 20,000 RMB for three patients), less scar formation (skin and tissues regenerated in-situ in all burn wounds) and no disability.

The first burn patient

The second burn patient

The third burn patient

The multiple media such as Mudanjiang TV and several newspapers in Mudanjiang city reported on the amazed treatment event.

After heard about the incident, Chinese Red Cross Foundation Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Non-profit Fund donated 30,000 RMB for the treatment of patients and Shantou MEBO Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. contributed Moist Exposed Burn Ointment, worth 40,000 RMB, for the treatment. Besides, many other warm-hearted people also made caring donations.

Due to the advanced regenerative therapy for burn treatment and the efforts made by healthcare professionals, public media and warm-hearted people, the three patients with large-area severe burns have been brought back to life. With the increasing application of regenerative therapeutics in more hospitals and the establishment of Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Non-profit Fund, in the future, more burn patients can be treated by this novel regenerative therapy with less pain and be helped by the fund.

The successful and amazing recovery of the three patients is a miracle of life and a miracle created with regenerative medicine, which shocked the whole Mudanjiang city and the burn society of China. Looking forwards  to witnessing the life-saving technology being applied more widely and blessing more people in need. 


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