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Miracle Created by MEBT/MEBO in Pi County People¡¯s Hospital
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By  Deng Xiaohong, Zheng Li

57-year-old Zhao Zuxiang is an ordinary villager. The old man never thought scratching the skin can cause a health disaster. After his ¡°three-time in and three-time out of the hospital¡± in Pi County People¡¯s Hospital, a miracle was created eventually by specialists in the Burn Department of the hospital by applying MEBT/MEBO.

Caring about patients
Wang Xiangning , a doctor in the Burn Department of Pi County People¡¯s Hospital. Early last year, she and her teacher, burn specialist Fu Zijun came to the hospital and till now they have made the Burn Department become the key department of the hospital and maintained it at the leading edge of burn treatment in Sichuan Province.
In the afternoon of October 23 last year, Wang Xiangning went to the hospital ICU (intensive care unit) to visit the patients where she encountered Zhao Zuxiang whose condition was not optimistic at that time. The duty and mission as a doctor told her obligatorily to do something for the patient.
Wang Xiangning examined the patient and found: large skin ulceration at the thigh root, tension blisters filled with shank, suggesting deep wound tissue infection, and timely wound management should be performed. But due to the worry about cost burden combined with the distrust of the county-level hospital, Zhao¡¯s disease was delayed again and again, and even the tragedy of ¡°three-time in and two-time out of the hospital¡± was staged, which almost made the patient lose his life.        
In face of the huge pain of the patient, doctor Wang and professor Fu empathized with him and actively persuaded the patient and his families to let them implement the treatment for the patient. Ultimately, doctors¡¯ confidence in their technology and sincere attitude reassured the patient and his families who were determined to positively cooperate with the treatment.

MEBT/MEBO allows a turning point in the fate of the patient
Patient Zhao was eventually diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. Necrotizing fasciitis is a disease with fast aggravation and dangerous outcome. If not treated and drained promptly, its mortality rate is as high as 70%!
The treatment applied by Doctor Wang is currently very advanced MEBT/MEBO. ¡°The advantage of this technology is that the medicine in the dressing can activate the growth of potential regenerative cells and realize the complete regeneration of tissues and skin.¡± Professor Fu Zijun said.
With day-after-day intensive care and dressing change given by doctor Wang and other doctors, the huge wound at Zhao¡¯s right shank regenerated gradually and the cavity caused by subcutaneous tissue necrosis was filled with granulation tissues. The wound healed gradually with the expected healing effects of doctors after subsequent two times of successful micro-skin auto-grafting.

Hope for more patients of burns, wounds and surface ulcers
After a tug-of-war with the death for four and a half months , with the help of Pi County People¡¯s Hospital and MEBT/MEBO, Zhao finally realized the reversal of fortune.
At present, Zhao still visited the hospital once a week to change the dressing but now he can walk on crutches and his rehabilitation is just around the corner.
We believe that MEBT/MEBO will bring hope to more patients with burns, wounds and surface ulcers!


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