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Kevin Xu, President of MEBO International, Acts as a Mentor in the Clinton Global Initiative University Annual Conference
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16:33, April 4, 2016, China News Network

Local time April 3, former U.S. President Bill Clinton (left four) presided over the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Annual Conference held at University of California in Berkeley and discussed the commitments and changes together with more than 1200 students worldwide. Chairman of MEBO International Board and President of MEBO International Kevin Xu (left three) as a mentor attended the annual conference. (Photo/Kevin Xu)

By Dan Liu from China News in Berkeley, April 3-- The 2016 Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Annual Conference co-hosted  by former U. S. President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea closed on April 3 at the University of California in Berkeley, in which more than 1200 college student entrepreneurs and celebrities from all walks of life worldwide participated. Kevin Xu, Chinese-American entrepreneur in California and President of MEBO International as a mentor attended the conference and shared with students his entrepreneurship and management experience as well as the living example of the commitment of converting idea into action.

In the annual conference, Clinton said he was full of hope towards the world future, he has seen the Millennium generation is making commitments to take responsibilities of changing the society and bringing about real changes to the world.

The new commitments made in the annual conference included: setting up 24 hours centers in Pakistan to help victims of gender-based violence;, using  drones to monitor elephant poaching in Benin, Niger and Burkina Faso, etc.; creating a mathematical model for predicting and monitoring the spread of diseases in Brazil and Malaysia; developing 1 U.S. dollar HIV detection method for the HIV testing in Africa;  preventing the spread of AIDS; and organizing coding workshops to increase employment opportunities for refugees.

Kevin Xu, member of the CGI and Chairman of MEBO International Board and President of MEBO International was elected as a mentor in the pioneering projects of CGI, and attended the three-day annual conference.

In the seminar, Kevin Xu introduced to students about the commitment "From Urban to Rural: Training Doctors with Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT)" that implemented in China this January. As the first CGI Commitment implemented in China, it was highly praised by Clinton and was chosen as a model in this annual conference for students to learn how to put forward and practice initiatives.

According to Kevin Xu’s introduction, MEBO International made the commitment of training program in China in September, 2015 when he attended in the CGI annual conference. So far, the training program“From Urban to Rural: Training Doctors with Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT)" has successfully held 134 training courses, covering 5685 trainees and 28 provinces of China. At such a speed, there is no any problem in achieving the commitment target of holding 500 training courses with 20 thousand medical staff benefited and 30 provinces of China covered.

The Vice-Chairman of Clinton Foundation Chelsea launched a pioneer training club last year and invited Kevin Xu and other elites of the CGI members to serve as the first batch mentors to conduct one-on-one tutoring for hundreds of young student leaders in this annual conference in which they can provide consultations and helps to students based on their own entrepreneurial and managerial experience to help those students early realize their goals of starting business, making contribution to and changing the world. The first student receiving the mentorship of Kevin Xu is an India-American doctoral student from California Institute of Technology who is committed to improving the education system.

Kevin Xu said he hopes that in the future there could be students and their entrepreneurial initiatives from the universities of China appearing in the CGIU annual activities, and he is willing to work towards this end.

Founded in 2005 by Clinton, CGI aims to emphasize on converting inspiration into action and gathering together the global leading figures to cope with the challenges of globalization.

In 2007, Clinton launched CGIU to cultivate a new generation of leaders on the university campuses in the world. In the annual conference held every year, student representatives, experts and influential celebrities from all walks of life gather together to discuss and look for solutions to global challenges. Currently, more than 5500 students have submitted initiatives and received financial support of nearly $2 million dollars.

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