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Strategic Collaboration and Friendship Between MEBO International Inc. and UAE Julphar Further Upgrade
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--- Kevin XU, Board Chairman of MEBO, and His Team Visit Julphar

On Nov. 4, 2015, Kevin XU, Chairman of the Board of MEBO International Inc., Li LI, Vice-chairman of the Board, Gang LIU, General Manager of MEBO International Marketing and other accompanying personnel left for Julphar for a three-day visit. This visit is of great importance both for MEBO International developing its overseas strategic highland and for the strategic cooperation upgrade between MEBO and its international cooperation partner¡ªJulphar.     

With the advantageous physical geographic position, active surrounding radiation capacity, complete market competition system and strong commercial payment capability, UAE is the most open country in the Middle East Arab gulf area. UAE Julphar, the largest pharmaceutical company in the Middle East region, is invested and held by UAE royal household and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. The strategic partnership between MEBO and Julphar began in 1990s, and especially in 1996, the company executives of Julphar visited MEBO in Beijing and the two sides officially established the strategic cooperation relationship in which MEBO authorized Julphar to import, pack and sell Moist Exposed Burn Ointment and other regenerative products, and thus a trans-century, international significant cooperation came into being, which marks a pioneering example of early international cooperation with memorable significance of that time. During the later development, Julphar is creating the flagship values for MEBO¡¯s international strategic cooperation and development, both in terms of manufacture and technological cooperation and technological spreading, presenting enormous cooperation space and profound significance. Julphar not only attaches great importance to the production and R&D of regenerative medical products and also organizes many groups of doctors to attend international academic conferences to carry forward regenerative medical technology, as well as conducts clinical trials in some European and Asian countries with the purpose of expanding its market over the whole Arab world and partial African countries. UAE Julphar plays the key strategic role in the international development of MEBO expanding its market coverage based on the West Asia region, to its surrounding countries and even other regions of the world.    

The special visit led by the new Chairman of the Board of MEBO International¡ªKevin XU was to upgrade the strategic cooperation and promote the bilateral friendship. The cooperation and friendship between the two sides have lasted for over 20 years and this visit will surely advance the bilateral long-lasting strategic cooperation to a deeper level and build more solid trust and belief in promising prospects. His Higness Sheikh Faisal, Prince of UAE, Dr. Ayman, President of Julphar, Dr. Aly Mossa, Vice-president of Julphar and other senior executives attended the meetings.

During the first meeting, Chairman Kevin XU introduced the international status quo and development strategies of MEBO to the attendees who are also the good friends of Dr. Rongxiang XU, the founder of MEBO and a renowned scientist of regenerative life. XU¡¯s introduction impressed the attendees a lot and let them know much better about Rongxiang XU¡¯s great life and the tremendous glories and far-reaching prospects Rongxiang XU has left for MEBO and Julphar. After the passing away of XU Rong-xiang, series of international moves, such as American incumbent President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, President of Democratic Party, Congressmen and the Government of California all sent condolence letters, and the Greater Los Angeles County Board Meeting adjourned to commemorate Dr. XU, all of these showed the attendees the global influence of Rongxiang XU. Moreover, Kevin XU¡¯s introduction on the eight-time broadcasts on the billboard at Times Square of New York about Dr. XU, Patentee of regenerative science for damaged organs, on the successive establishments of National Rongxiang XU Foundation in America and The Chinese Red Cross Foundation ¡°Rongxiang Xu Regenerative Life Non-profit Fund¡± in China, on the setting-up of Rongxiang Xu MD Center of Regenerative Therapeutics in Harvard Medical School and on the launching of Clinton Global Initiative ¡° From Urban to Rural: Training Doctors on Moist Exposed Burn Therapy¡± also exhibit the international influence of human body regenerative restoration science in the world, which shocked the attendees greatly and to which all of them expressed their memories, respects, passions and hopes.  

After the first meeting, the two sides exchanged gifts. HH Sheikh Faisal, Prince of UAE, presented MEBO a crystal round gift, which is of profound significance, i.e., the two sides will work jointly to develop MEBO international strategies, presenting firm commitment and sincere hope towards the deep internationalization of MEBO. Kevin XU and Li LI presented Julphar the commemorative stamps of Rongxiang XU, for the long-lasting friendship between the two sides and eternal memory.
In order to further deepen strategic cooperation, high-level meeting was also held after the summit meeting, in which multiple aspects were discussed in depth including information sharing, product R&D, market development, technological spreading and etc. By virtue of bilateral powers and resources, more profound and win-win cooperative partnership can be set up in more extensive fields, opening a strategic door for the faster international development of the both sides.  

Kevin XU and his team also visited the factories of Julphar and witnessed the solid enterprise strength of Julphar. At the beginning of the cooperation between Julphar and MEBO in 1992, Julphar only had one factory but now it has 12 large-scale, mechanized and intelligent plants, fast becoming the biggest pharmaceutical enterprise in the Middle East. 

In 2009, the Prince HH Sheikh Faisal and Dr. Rongxiang XU visited the Great Wall together where they made great ambitions and aspirations, and in 2015, the Prince and Kevin XU stood on UAE land to make commitments and plans for the future. MEBO and Julphar enjoy solid basis for strategic partnership and the two sides have always maintained a friendly attitude towards the bilateral cooperation. This visit fulfilled the purposes of carrying forward friendship, deepening cooperation and planning for the future, and the both sides have achieved a high degree of consistency on global overall planning, major issues and core interests.

Twenty-year strategic collaboration and friendship between MEBO and Julphar has been further strengthened by this visit, which is the model and example for MEBO developing its strategic cooperation in Asia and the other regions around the world. The Middle East and Pan-Arab regions will continue to play the pivotal role in MEBO international development strategy and promote the globalization of MEBO, sharing the achievements, glories and magnificent prospects.

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