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HBRRS (HBRRS) and Its Launching of Global Promotion Project
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----Speech by XU Rong-xiang at the investigational activity in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of TCM  
Affiliation of the author: Beijing Rongxiang Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Beijing 100020, China 
The purpose of my visit to your hospital is to investigate the clinical therapeutic effects of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science (HBRRS) in terminating diabetic foot amputation regeneratively and the corroborative evidence of actual cases. Since HBRRS has been incorporated into the 2015 Global Promotion Project by the committee of Clinton Global Initiative, hospitals applying technologies of HBRRS successfully just like your hospital---- the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of TCM will play the function as the training bases to train global doctors with technologies of terminating diabetic foot amputation regeneratively. Currently, it has planned to set up five such training bases in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Guangdong and Guangxi respectively, in an effort to terminate the amputation caused by diabetic foot worldwide in about 4 years. Today, I am going to introduce you HBRRS and its launching of global promotion project.    
I. Historical Review
The development of HBRRS can be traced back to 1979 at the earliest when I started the study on the restoration of pumpkin rind injury. And then I gradually engaged myself in the studies of in situ regenerative restoration of burned skin and further in the studies of human tissue and organ regenerative restoration. From the earliest clinical studies to the establishment of a grand project including complete HBRRS theoretical system, clinical treatment system of regenerative medicine for sick people and creating ¡°World of Regenerative Humans¡± for healthy people, MEBO will eventually take the burden of revolutionizing the human health status and accomplishing the great mission of creating ¡°World of Regenerative Humans¡±. 
The revolution of human society never goes off smoothly, and so is the birth and development of HBRRS. However, be it academic prosecution, administrative intervention or physical threats, I have never stopped my research and exploration. I have gone through all of these and have won a place in the world scientific development arena by my inventions.
I can still recall that in 2000 when I firstly proposed the theory of ¡°somatic cells transformed into stem cells to in situ regenerate tissues and organs¡±, the entire academic field thought I was crazy and talking nonsense. After all, at that time embryonic stem cell was the favorite ¡°apple¡± in the academic field. I hadn¡¯t been frightened and I continued to carry out my research meanwhile applying for patent of my study. Two years later, that is, in August 2002, I held a news conference on ¡°cloning tissues and organs¡± to release my study results, which arose tremendous response in the world life science field. Science Daily reported it entitled ¡°An explosion in life science----cloning tissues and organs¡± in two pages, which made a stir in the life science field both at home and abroad. Up to now, we have obtained 27 patents of organ regenerative science and technology in the global context and there are some still in the process of application. According to the statistics of the United States Patent Office, the relevant patents of organ regenerative science and technology have been downloaded for 160,000,000 person-times, which have been captured by the quick-sighted US government. And thus, in 2013 ¡°regenerate damage organs¡± was incorporated into the state policy of American science development by the then president Obama.    
To be first, HBRRS is neither traditional Chinese medicine nor western medicine, rather is a brand new system of life science. Be it traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, they have their unique treatment methods. So what the treatment methods of HBRRS are? To sum it simply, HBRRS is to realize the regenerative restoration and rejuvenation of damaged organs in situ by initiating the self-potentiality of human body, which is accomplished by activating the regenerative potentiality of potential regenerative cells (PRCs) with the help of regenerative nutritional substance.
Frontier research in the current life science field can be divided into three categories. The first is the genetic research. James Watson, father of genetics has announced that his medical application research on transgene for 52 years have not by far come out ideal application results in the year of 2013 when I filed a lawsuit against the committee of Nobel Prize. The second is the research on embryonic stem cell. In January 2014, Professor Martin, father of embryonic stem cell and winner of 2007 Nobel Prize made it clear that his generation and even his next generation can barely see the true clinical application accomplishments of embryonic stem cell. The last is HBRRS. It is to make use of the regenerative potential of human body PRCs which play the role of pluripotent stem cells under the nourishment of regenerative nutritional substance, further completing the regeneration of tissues and organs in situ. Up to now, the in situ regeneration of human body organs including skin, diabetic foot and severed fingers has been realized. At the meanwhile, these research results have been protected by patents, that is to say, the patent right, invention right and speech right of HBRRS are all commanded in our hands.    
II. Fundamental Study and Partial Clinical Study Results
Fundamental study results showed that rats feed with regenerative nutritional substance for 826 days remained at the youth stage in terms of their physical performance and spiritual status. Cytological examination of their visceral organ tissues showed organs of the rats at the age of doubling their average lifespan (380days) were still at a young status. The study was repeatable and as long as regenerative nutritional substance was applied and the normative experimental procedures of HBRRS were followed, can the same results be obtained. 
The same is true to the regenerative rejuvenation of human body. For example, a former state leader is 99 years old this year, but he looks younger than ten years ago. His spirit, vigor, energy and strength are still vigorous and he has never caught a cold since 2006. Every day he can swim for 2 hours, which is incomparable by his counterparts of same age (he started to take regenerative nutritional substance in 2006). There are many such examples, more than 200 examples since the year of 2006. They all have realized regenerative rejuvenation. 
PRCs can be awakened to regenerate after absorbing regenerative nutritional substance, while what will happen as cancer cells absorb the substance? The answer is apoptosis, i.e., cancer cells will begin the process of apoptosis after absorbing regenerative nutritional substance and disappear. Skin cancer has been cured by HBRRS.
In addition to activating PRCs, the great role of regenerative nutritional substance is to nourish regenerative cells. Be it young people or aged people, as long as PRCs are initiated to transform into stem cells, can the in situ formed pluripotent stem cells eventually develop constituting cells of tissues and organs under the nourishment of regenerative nutritional substance and through the continuous proliferation and differentiation, finally completing the in situ regenerative restoration of tissues and organs.
These are the photos of severed finger regeneration that can be fulfilled in national hospitals at different levels nowadays. In situ regenerative restoration technology has been capable of realizing the regeneration of soft tissues and bone tissues of the severed finger, of which the mechanism is that PRCs of the affected location are activated into pluripotent stem cells to differentiate and proliferate continually under the nourishment of regenerative nutritional substance, eventually realizing the regenerative restoration of severed finger in situ. At present, there are a large number of cases with severed fingers treated at the base hospitals with different levels nationwide and quite satisfying therapeutic effects have been obtained.
Besides, the regenerative restoration technology for gastrointestinal mucosa in situ is also quite mature in that PRCs can be initiated in 7 days and the functions of gastrointestinal mucosa can be regeneratively restored in 1 year.
III. Regenerative Nutritional Substance
Regenerative nutritional substance is neither a new element nor new species. It is extracted from the food based on the models of cellular experiments (somatic cells and stem cells) and is compounded by multiple ingredient spectrums. It can enter into PRCs through the free fatty acid channels and further into mitochondria to produce energy by burning, releasing compositions to awaken PRCs to present the functions of pluripotent stem cells.
The first experimental model is based on the animal experiments. Cells of animal small intestinal tissues (not from embryonic stem cells) were transformed into pluripotent stem cells under the function of regenerative nutritional substance to develop tissues and further villi. It should be stressed that not all tissue cells can transform into pluripotent stem cells but only a small number of them. Of course, regenerative nutritional substance is obtained through repeated screenings and the screened ones can be used to induce PRCs to form corresponding tissues and organs. Through repeated experiments and unremitting exploration, a total of 206 systemic studies of embryonic stem cells have been completed.
The second experimental model is severed intestinal villi of rats. The severed intestinal villi were cultured in the regenerative nutritional substance for intestinal tract and in the 8th day they realized in situ regenerative restoration, while those in control group without the regenerative substance didn¡¯t regenerate.
The above is about how to screen out regenerative nutritional substance by experiments. But how can human body obtain such substance in an easy and convenient way? Our plan is to make our daily food contain total nutrients, in this way self-renewal ability of human body can be brought into play furthest, preventing the premature of primary cells of organs.    
Regenerative nutritional substance can also increase the secretion of physiological hormones and the production of ATP as much as possible. Physiological hormones are essential hormones of cells while the production of ATP can be calculated. Currently, human body cells can only release less than two thirds of energy produced by three meals a day, but if the three meals a day were changed into total nutrient spectrum to feed human body, the spirit, vigor, energy and strength will be elevated rapidly, which is the reflection of ATP increase.
For instance, the procedures of testing the nutrient spectrum of members: firstly, test the contents of a series of nutritional ingredients including amino acid, fatty acid, vitamins and etc. in the member blood; secondly, prepare a culture medium approximately equivalent to the blood based on the tested results; thirdly, culture the red cells extracted from the member blood in the medium. Red cells cultured in the in vitro medium survived for 10 days while the red cells cultured in the medium added regenerative nutritional substance lived for 20 days; lastly, screen out the needed nutrient spectrums of cells based on calculating what have been absorbed by red cells in the two mediums.        
Therefore, we provide members with customized and individualized one-to-one services of regenerative rejuvenation. The first stage is to realize rejuvenation in 3 or 4 years. After the rejuvenation, an individualized three meals a day will be prepared based on the needed nutrients of member¡¯s red blood cells, stem cells and cells of newly regenerated tissues and organs, and in combination with the supply of regenerative nutritional substance, the primary life of human body can be brought into maximum play eventually. Here, one point needs to be added, that is, there are two life forms in human body, one is the primary life and the other is regenerative life. Without the regenerative rejuvenation, you cannot enjoy your regenerative life.     
The regenerative rejuvenation of aged organs can prolong their life circle. Experimental study has confirmed that the lifespan of rats feed with regenerative nutritional substance has been doubled, while what kind of changes will human life take place? This is within the project of World of Regenerative Humans we are promoting at present.
The invention of regenerative nutritional substance has already brought about tremendous social changes, as the situation goes on, all humans will become regenerative humans in the future, with their lifespan extended significantly, which further will necessarily lead to the formation of a new life order that everybody takes the combination products of life spectrum, spectrums of regenerative nutritional substances and primary substances. More than that, revolutions of agriculture and industry will also be coming.  
IV. Clinical Application Examples of HBRRS
4.1 Diabetic foot
Clinical practice has confirmed that grade IV diabetic feet can be completely treated with human body regenerative restoration technology, avoiding the occurrence of limb amputation, of which the technological key points are the topical application of regenerative nutritional substance and the standard application of technologies. None of the two points is dispensable, and without the vigorous implement of standard technologies, in situ regenerative restoration is impossible even if the regenerative nutritional substance was applied.
4.2 Atrophic gastritis
Atrophic gastritis is a worldwide difficulty, there is still no effective treatment today and moreover it is susceptible to develop into gastric cancer. However, clinical practice has proved that the gastric mucosa of patients with atrophic gastritis realized physiological regeneration as they took regenerative nutritional substance (GI Capsule) for a while. The intake is 5 capsules every 4-6 hours, aiming at making sure the gastric mucosal surface is always covered and adhered by regenerative nutritional substance. 
4.3 Coronary heart disease
The present status of coronary heart disease treatment is worrying. Fortunately, the experiments of HBRRS have verified that the problem of coronary heart disease has been solved since regenerative nutritional substance for heart can help establish new collateral circulation to improve the blood supply of coronary arteries, which is unachievable by coronary artery bypass surgery. Though the blood supply of coronary arteries can be improved by the bypass surgery, the vitality of myocardial metabolism cannot be ameliorated, not to mention the fact that not every patient is accessible to it because of its various operative indications. In contrast, there are no such worries in the oral administration of heart regenerative nutritional substance and moreover, such substance can not only help set up new collateral circulation of coronary arteries and also make the fibrotic myocardium back to original young status. The blood flow of coronary arteries and vitality changes of myocardial metabolism of patients before and after the administration of regenerative nutritional substance can be confirmed by PET-CT test.
4.4 Terminal Cancer (Lung cancer)
The Ten Thousand Regenerative Humans Planwhich we are going to carry out in the world next will have this subject. The electron microscope scanning results show that after the terminal lung cancer patients take the regenerative nutritional substance which is absorbed by the lung cancer cells, the lung cells will have apoptosis within 2 days while the regenerative nutritional substance absorbed by normal cells will be consumed in the mitochondria and produce the ATP. This is also one of the subjects which will be carried out through the Ten Thousand Regenerative Humans Plan worldwide. Currently, several kinds of common lung cancer have been cured through such kind of cell apoptosis procedures. In 2008, we had an open recruitment of 364 cases with terminal cancer and achieved an ideal result. One of the cases who were from Shandong province and took the regenerative nutritional substance, the CT examination results showed that the tumor volume reduced year after year and almost disappeared and he is now 86 years old and his health state is still very good.  Another elderly patient who was from Beijing and was diagnosed as terminal cancer in 2008 and the recent re-examination results in Anzhen Hospital astonished all the medical staffs.  The standard treatment is the key of the curative effect which is to be highlighted here.
4.5 The fibrosis of all kinds of tissue organs
Experiments have confirmed that the cardiac muscle, liver and lung tissues which have fibrosis can have the physiological regeneration after took the regenerative nutritional substance. The lung fibrosis mentioned here refers to the fibrosis caused by aging while not the fibrosis caused by silicosis. After completing the primary regenerative plan, then move into the secondary regenerative plan. After the disappearance of lung fibrosis, the chronic bronchitis and trachitis will be better. The severe renal fibrosis which need dialysis can be recovered through regenerative nutritional substance and the structure and function of glomerular, renal cortex and medullary can be recovered into normal. The regeneration of pancreatic tissue is alike this and after providing the regenerative nutritional substance for the patients with type 2 diabetes and the blood sugar can be gradually controlled and the reason of it is the regenerative nutritional substance can let the pancreatic tissue regeneration and the increased insulin secreted can lower the blood sugar and it is not because of the regenerative nutritional substance that contains any ingredient which can reduce the blood sugar.
4.6 Leukemia
At present, the acute myelocytic leukemia and chronic myelocytic leukemia have realized the regeneration. A patient with chronic myelocytic leukemia was not able to walk at the time of primary regeneration in 2009. While after the patients had a systemic regeneration, he had a good state in spirit, manner, vigor and strength in spite of splenauxe and the re-examinations showed that the disease has no further severity and now he is 84 years old and his physical strength is still very good. Another patient with acute myelocytic leukemia which was diagnosed and confirmed in the hospital came for regenerative health maintenance for 3 months and the blood picture became normal.
4.7 Disease of immune system
The regeneration of immune system can be reflected objectively through a slice of aged lymphoid tissue and a slice of young lymphoid tissue. For the same patients, the slice of lymphoid tissue shows that the lymphoid tissue is younger after the regenerative health maintenance.
4.8 Rarefaction of bone
Histopathological observation shows that the bone rarefaction can be restored to normal and appear the young state through providing regenerative health maintenance. With the process of aging, some of the bone muscle will break, especially the quadriceps femoris. The muscle cells after the regenerative health maintenance appear the state of youth and the regenerated new muscle tissue will replace the aged and broken muscle tissues.
4.9 Brain disease
At present, the major problem for brain tissue regeneration is that meninx affects the absorption of regenerative nutritional substance. The research shows that only one in ten of regenerative nutritional substance can go through meninx and absorbed by brain tissue. Such as it is, regenerative nutritional substance can stop the further progress of Parkinson disease and Alzheimer disease.
4.10 Scar and Aging
At present, the treatment of scar in HBRRS is mainly carried out through fractional laser and the application of MEBO on the wounds to achieve the wounds regenerative repair. This kind of treatment can transform the PRCs into pluripotent stem cells and further into large quantity of epidermal stem cells and make epithelium of the skin scar tissue and realize the physiological regeneration of full thickness skin tissue. After absorbing the regenerative nutritional substance, the fiber cells will be apoptosis while the pluripotent stem cells will release the degeneration factors and the scar tissue will be regenerated and restored into normal skin under such multiple functions. The clinical practice carried out by Prof. Jun Tan from Hunan People¡¯s Hospital proved that the fiber cells in scar tissue can be replaced by the normal cells and realize the regenerative restoration in situ. There aremany such kinds of cases in clinics and most of the scar tissues can be regeneratively restored in situ through the treatment of in situ regeneration and restoration technique.
When the woman is more than 40 years old, there will be canthus winkles. Use fractional laser and the method of introduction of regenerative nutritional substance into the skin holes, the skin column will be regenerated and the stem cells in the skin column can activate the cells in the surrounding tissues, which will proliferate and differentiate. After 4 weeks, the winkles disappear.
In addition, we can also use the high pressure oxygen to introduce the regenerative nutritional substance into the skin and this method will not cause any wound and the effect is good. One US governor¡¯s younger brother had poor lower limb arterial blood circulation caused by the falling injury when he was young. After many years¡¯ treatment, it still can not be recovered. However, after 8 months¡¯ regenerative restoration technique, the lower limb arterial blood circulation returns normal.
Such scientific development has raised the attention of US government. In 2013, US government has included the science of damaged organ regeneration as US national scientific policy and we will cooperate with Clinton Global Initiative to put forward a plan of creating ten thousand regenerative humans which is the realization of the science. The first program in the Ten Thousand Regenerative Humans plan is the MEBO-DFU plan, which will terminate all the amputation of diabetic foot in the global scope within 5 years.
The regenerative restoration technique in situ and the related products are our core value.  For example, the core part of MEBO is about its composition and frame structure. The composition mentioned here is different with the conventional ingredients, which you can see them clearly in the instruction of MEBO. What we are saying about the core part is not about the Chinese medical ingredients but the regenerative nutritional substance contained inside. The Chinese pharmacopeia has a strict restriction on the containing quantity of pharmaceutical ingredients; however, we are restricted on the highest ratio of regenerative nutritional substance containing.We can use the fingerprint altas to analyze each drug and use another drug composition (the composition is related to the cell nutrition metabolism) to open the fatty acids channels. The frame structure in the MEBO is the patented technique which never appeared in the world history and such frame structure can carry all kinds of drugs and make all kinds of drugs. It is composed of sesame oil and beeswax and the beeswax is the frame structure and the regenerative substance can be dissolved into the sesame oil through special processing.
After the activation of the PRCs in the human body by regenerative nutritional substances, they can be transformed into pluripotent stem cells in situ and will continue proliferate and differentiate into difference cells and form different tissues and repair the damaged organs and realize the complete restoration of organs.
For diabetic foot, the healing mechanism is the build-up of collateral circulation and the regeneration of lymphatic system and the never endings and the regenerative function of PRCs in the wounds are the key factor for regenerative healing. People¡¯s Hospital of Xinjiang Autonomous Region has testified the result for many times and everyone can repeat the experiments, but the mechanism should be cleared.
For the burn wounds, after apply MEBO for 12 hours, the regenerative healing procedures are started, but it should take at least 3~4 days for the diabetic foot wounds. And it is even slower for the vasculitis and usually takes around 7 days. During the treatment, the liquefaction and auto-removing of necrotic tissues indicate the activation of regenerative cells. Continue the treatment until the necrotic tissues fall off naturally or enucleating the necrotic tissues. The new tissue will grow more and more vigorously until the build-up of the collateral circulation.
Today the patient whom we have seen has the complete wound healing with full thickness skin. The foot doesn¡¯t have the anoxia and the skin temperature is higher than the other foot skin. If we have the pathological observation on the skin nerves and blood vessel, we can find the physiological regeneration of those tissues. This is the innate function of every human, MEBO only provide a physiological regenerative healing environment and nutrition. The frame structure of MEBO can liquefy and remove the solid necrotic tissues automatically. The liquefaction is relied on the biochemical reactions of hydrolysis, enzymolysis, saponification and rancidity and finally the oil drop in MEBO will have the esterification reaction with surrounding tissues, which are transformed into water soluble substances and rejected outside the wounds. All the above four reactions are happened in the oil drop of MEBO and that is the reason that there is no sepsis when treating the large area burns. Once understand this theory, the entire wounds problem can be solved.
Clinical studies have confirmed that MEBO doesn¡¯t dip the wounds while Vaseline dips the wounds when covering the wounds and tissue necrosis is the result of dipping. Under the influence of HBRRS, American FDA requires that anyone who applies for ulcer drugs research must be able to keep the wound moist and any drug application of making the wound dry is not accepted.  The key function of MEBO in repairing the wounds in situ is to isolate the wounds. MEBO as a drug itself can isolate the wounds and a layer of translucent isolation membrane between the drug and new tissues by the wound exudation fibrin and cellulose polymers in MEBO during the process of wound regeneration. The four biochemical actions will happen outside the membrane with MEBO and the regenerative nutritional substances will go through the membrane and reach to the deep layer of tissues.
Tests have confirmed that such local function of small area wounds and body reaction of large area wounds can raise 20 times the emergency ability.  Thus there is no need of large quantity of fluid infusion for the burn patients when using the HBRRS. Another function of the membrane is to isolate the bacteria and the new tissue under the isolating membrane is sterile. Take pseudomonas aeruginosa as example, if there is no such isolating membrane, it can not cultivate the physiological tissue cells and the wounds will go the procedures of scar repairing. Sterilization is the main mechanism of antibiotics function, and the mechanism of MEBO is bacterial control, which is to make the bacteria endotoxin is resistible to human body through bacterial mutation and the human body can not be infected. MEBO is the cells culture medium, which can prevent infection, removing the necrotic tissues and regenerate the new tissues in situ.
In 2004, I have been discussed with two Nobel Prize winners and showed them my research results which are the cancer cells will be apoptosis after absorbing the regenerative nutritional substances, while the normal cells will have the normal growth after absorbing the regenerative nutritional substances. The researchers from Stanford University have volunteered to begin this research. Special instruction made here is that it should continue using MEBO as skin care products on the healed diabetic foot to promote the further regeneration in order to avoid the keratinization.
The other program of Ten Thousand Regenerative Humans Plan is to promote the regeneration of internal organs. The histopathological observation of rate intestinal mucosa showed that aged  intestinal mucosal villus and intestinal wall is thin, while the intestinal mucosa  after regenerative restoration  is in young state and the intestinal wall is thick and the villi is dense. According to the human experiments, the intestinal mucosal villi of 25 years old female are dense and young, while the intestinal mucosal villi of 30-50 years old people are suffering the pre-aging and sparse villi. Thus, the aging of gastric bowel and the body's aging are synchronized.
We once served a 45-year-old gastrointestinal aging member. The endoscopy examination showed that the gastrointestinal mucosa had reached the state of 60-70 years old and the villi were sparse and the blood vessels under the villi are clearly seen and also it combined with chronic atrophic gastritis. After 23 months regenerative restoration, the villi became dense and chronic atrophic gastritis was cured. Another 60 years old patients suffered from the chronic atrophic gastritis. After regenerative restoration, the new gastric mucosal tissues replaced the old and atrophic gastric mucosa. Before 2006, we recruited 346 patients from the 301 hospital and the patients who adopted conventional drug combined with MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules achieved a physiological healing without scar formation, while those who only adopted the conventional drug without MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules had the healing with scar formation.
The above mentioned is about the originality, leading and disruptive characteristics of HBRRS and also its development history, the core mechanism, basic research, clinical application, the next step of global development plan.  The manifestation is let everyone know how great our cause is and the most important point is to realize the great aim of building up a world of regenerative humans, which is a contribution for all human beings. 
 (Based on the speech transcripts on March 16, 2015)

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