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Land the science onto the ground, save humans, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, open the market
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Land the science onto the ground, save humans, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, open the market
------------------President Rongxiang Xu Delivers 2015 New Year Speech
Today we are welcoming the New Year of 2015 through this way. In 2015, what is MEBO going to do? Everyone can see the slogan upwards: land the science onto the ground, save humans, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, open the market. This is the theme of my New Year speech. All the MEBO staffs should memorize those 16 words from the hearts and souls and take the words into action.
Landing the science onto the ground is our first mission in 2015. We reconstructed our group in 2014 according to the plan. From the aspect of enterprise, we changed the focus of our group from the basic science researches which only can provide necessities to all the MEBO staffs into an open and independent system. From the aspect of science, we were included in the U.S. National Policy of 2013 and this year we completed the constitution of U.N. for Regenerative Science that means the transformation of scientific implementation from the scientific research. Both from the aspects of company and science development, we completed two big jumps which provide a basement of using MEBO Science to benefit all the humans and becoming the scientific leadership of humans, the reliable medical technique and economy. The constitution of U.N for Regenerative Science has a great significance which put us on the top and future of the world to push and carry out our science to benefit all humans. The landing of our science is the first step of benefiting all the humans and then we will transform our universal science into applied techniques for humans. From the small scope of view, we have been working in the field of burns, wounds and ulcers for 30 years and we were using the strategy of prompting techniques and encircling the cities through rural area and MEBO is the unique applied technique for treating burns, wounds and ulcers. Now the world has been changed, as we are having the power of the scientific U.N. as well as the applied science to treat the incurable diseases. Yesterday we published a project for D.F.U treatment and it was just the beginning. After the New Year¡¯s Day, the applied science will gradually land to all the countries through the concept of scientific landing. As we know that the D.F.U with 3, 4 or 5 degrees which can¡¯t be cured except amputation. However, we can save the limbs through our technique easily and it is incomparable technique in the world. Our techniques for burns, wounds and D.F.U are the unique in the world, so we changed our developing strategy in 2014. The other scientific landing of our science is to realize the regeneration and rejuvenation of human internal organs and skin organ. We have obtained the complete data of primary regenerative humans through our scientific research that started in 2006.  It is a brand new technique for clinical application, clinical doctors and experimental methods and we have formed a systematic technique that can be repeatedly used on the primary regenerative humans of the world and also we completed the index for comprehensive regenerative humans. The skin column regeneration method, the technique of regenerative restoration and rejuvenation, the life model in laboratory and nutrition spectrum have already been completed and what we are going to do is to take them into application one by one. And we will firstly take the technique of creating primary regenerative humans to all the countries. And also we will start the Ten Thousand Regenerative Humans Plan after the New Year¡¯s Day. We have realized our science into application through clinical leading technique for burns, wounds and ulcers, R&D (carried out by the U.S. FDA team and the affiliated Chinese team) and Ten Thousand Regenerative Humans Plan. The implementation of landing our science onto the group is incomparable in the world and it is only can be realized through us and all the MEBO people should stand on the ideological level that only we can realize it and we must do it.
Second, we are going to save the humans. Saving humans is a great project which is based on building up a new world of regenerative humans and it is not just a slogan as we have published that we are going to build up a new world for regenerative humans. Building up a new world for regenerative humans will rely on the experts and the action. All the MEBO Staffs should raise their ideological level to such high under the ideological guidance of saving humans. Any employee wants to earn more money in MEBO, I am suggesting that you don¡¯t choose MEBO as your employer and in case you are having the purpose mentioned above, it will be a nightmare for you, as we are saving humans and it is priceless.  Saving money as well as earning money is a commercial activity. All the MEBO Staff should catch up the birth of the new world of regenerative humans and leave a historic contribution for the humans, therefore all of the MEBO staff should raise their ideological level to such high under the ideological guidance of saving humans. We are afraid of nobody as we are doing the good deed and we are having the good consideration.  Under such principle, we have completed the constitution of scientific U.N. and achieve a common understanding with most of the countries in the world include China. In 2015, the development of MEBO is not MEBO group¡¯s own development; it will be scientific techniques for all the governments to benefit all humans. At this New Year¡¯s Eve, all of the MEBO staffs should understand that MEBO is a company yesterday and today¡¯s MEBO is the dream of humans and it belongs to the world. All the MEBO Staffs are taking the responsibility of expanding it. What we proposed of saving the humans is not a simple concept of cure the diseases, we will put out various actions for saving humans. And creating regenerative humans will be a long period and huge action. As for the D.F.U plan, it is a life-saving plan and one of the numerous plans. New staffs or old staff of MEBO should form such ideological thinking which is the essentials of MEBO enterprise culture and scientific culture. Buddhism has its own doctrine and others also have the doctrine. What is MEBO? MEBO is not a religion; MEBO¡¯s mission is saving humans. As for the specific work, the experts should do the expert¡¯s work and the cleaner should do the cleaner¡¯s work which means you should have a good performance at your position and then you will free that you are one in the inventive base of PRC regenerative life and the creator of human regenerative leader. The reform of MEBO today is due to the time for saving humans and it is the following of the developing direction. MEBO Group now is divided into many economic entities and everyone should put the ideological guidance of saving humans as leading ideology. Before I made the speech of belief, mission, capability, today we come to the end that is saving the humans. All the enterprise of MEBO should use such ideology to educate the new staffs and the unqualified staffs, which is important and can¡¯t be ignored.
The third point is to increase revenue and reduce expenditure in light of the present economic situation of MEBO Group. We are to increase revenue, but what is the purpose of increasing revenue? It is to earn more money to develop our science, to support the practice of science and eventually realize the final purpose of saving humans. This is what we are thinking about. Of course, from the great undertaking, we MEBO staff must feed well ourselves, we must make sure MEBO staff can live a life better than average. Our country claimed to the world to realize the well-off life of all Chinese people, while we are making efforts in living a life better than average and even the best. We all know that a good turn deserves another, but where is the ¡°another¡± come from? From others¡¯ charity or we are going to beg? This is not the style of MEBO staffs and this is a kind of insult. We MEBO staffs can earn it. How to increase revenue? Use our science, our unique science to increase revenue. Increasing revenue is a priority of our Group. All units, business units, excluding R&D and Director Office, have economic indexes, and these indexes must improve to the standard of listed company in capital market. More investing are to earn more. Cutting down expenses is to cut down the unnecessary expenses. How to get along well with life? It is no matter how much money you have and how big your business is that you live a frugal lifestyle, which is a fine tradition of MEBO enterprises. In terms of the expenses-cutting situation last year, we see it from the enterprises and market. For example, Shanghai MEBO, it is a model of saving money and so is MEBO International Marketing. Last year, MEBO International Marketing had 35 employees but this year it has four employees and they over-fulfilled their tasks. They saved two thirds of expenses, let alone the salaries and other cost of 30 employees. They indeed deserve praise. As for the saving experience, you can make an exchange later. This year, we made adjustments in our markets, which laid foundation for the revenue-increasing and expense-cutting. This year, there are three markets earning 20million, over 20 million in absolute figure, for example Guangdong and Hebei. This year we used three parameters to evaluate the markets, one is revenue absolute figure and the other two are sales performance of ten thousand salesmen and the returned money of ten thousand salesmen. The absolute figures of the top five markets we evaluated also ranked among the top five. The parameters of the new emerging markets rank the highest, such as Xinjiang and Shaanxi. They got rapid development. All these have laid a solid foundation for this year¡¯s development, but what are we going to do this year? The performance of all markets must increase more than 20%. We are developing towards the standard of a listed company step by step. If we make MEBO capital operated by then, we MEBO staffs would surely live a well-off life and every body of MEBO would be businessman. So this year, we planned to make Shanghai MEBO and MEBO High Technology Co.,Ltd independent to develop and get prepared to go listed. All their investment and development plans can be made independently. In the near future, we will make more market plans. The more MEBO enterprises are listed, the more our employees can get. How to change your life? Our companies are the bread. So in the brand new year, we are enjoying bright development prospect. All the development of MEBO companies must implement the strategy of high investment and high return. To open an economic entity or an economic unit comprehensively, we have to make new changes, otherwise, there will be no great development of MEBO science and no the existence of MEBO companies. Others may look down upon us, saying the New Year message is meaningful only to MEBO staff. I once asked the employees of MEBO Club such a question ¡°how long are you going to stay in MEBO¡±. If you don¡¯t want to stay in MEBO for many years, we will have nothing to talk about here. All the technicians we Club trained are committed to the cause for a lifetime. Our technology is to save humans and if you don¡¯t have the mind of saving humans, you are not qualified to be an expert or a technician. As long as you have such a mind, no matter how much capacity you have, you should be put in an important position. This is for the development of our enterprises. As for the development of our economy we are selling our products including burn products, wound&ulcer products, medical apparatus and instruments, food products and cosmetics. For example skin products, all external products for skin are bad for human skin, but there is no other way to nourish our skin except to use them before. But now we have obtained real data in this respect and we are going to, here using a metaphor, ¡°land¡± our science and technology (i.e., to practice our science and technology in real life), to care human skin rather than hurting it. MEBO Group is going to adopt a new model in the year of 2015. If our diamond is mixed together with glass, it may be hard to distinguish them from each other, but we are real diamond, we know clearly that if we practice our science and technology what kind of effects we can achieve. We must work towards these effects, based on which we develop our economy. This is the third point.
The fourth point is opening the market, referring to that landed and non-landed MEBO science and technology will undergo global appraisal in the year of 2015. Three year ago, I had proposed the concept of ¡°great scientific economy¡± by which I want you to understand what MEBO is going to do. This year we have set up two great platforms, one is America and European developed countries. They need our science and technology but I make the decisions. I want to make our science and technology a true money-making tree. The western countries will invest MEBO and MEBO will become the biggest group with the participation of capitalists. To develop our every technology independently and make MEBO science become a money-making tree of all people in the world, and only in this way, can we have the capacity of saving humans. Now we are conducting experiments on diabetic foot, in which investors are negotiating to invest, but we put forward a precondition to them that if they want to join in they have to promise to make it great. How great is it? Firstly they have to take the burden of solving the global issue of avoiding amputation for diabetic foot patients. Only if they have such a development plan, can I give them the opportunity. In contrast, if they just want to get benefits from the join-in, I have to say sorry to them and I won¡¯t give them my technology. This is the first platform. The other platform is the development of pan-Asian region with China as the core. China is our homeland and it is a socialist country, so we decide to submit our science and technology to Chinese government voluntarily and gratuitously and let the government to practice it to bless the Chinese people. The government had made consensus with us that we transfer our science and technology to the country and the country allow our MEBO staff to joint in its development. MEBO Group is just a small company in China and how much it earns, excluding the quota for family feeding of staff, should all be submitted to the country. It should obey the unified arrangement of the country, which is determined by the social system of China, being different from the western countries. For example, in US, even if you want to achieve something but you don¡¯t have money, you won¡¯t have any chance, because American and China have totally different ideology and state system. Since saving human is our common guiding principle, we won't care too much about other things. For what we earn money if we don¡¯t do good things to humans? Our country have the ability to do good things to people, we are saving money. On the coming of New Year, I telling you the news is to tell you that MEBO Group has become an international enterprise and we have reached such an altitude.   On 5 Dec., 2013, in the Great Hall of the People, we proposed to set up a scientific united nation and now we have finished it. We have unparalleled and badly-needed science and technology and now we are going to practice them. Everyone, especially leaders, want to bring benefits to humans, otherwise they are unqualified to be leaders. Though we are globalization-oriented, we aren¡¯t to forcibly occupy the world while we are to benefit the world. However, only relying on ourselves or a scientist, it is impossible. Therefore, we have to submit our science to leaders of countries and the world, only in this way, can we achieve the great cause. Opening-up economy is not to open up MEBO economy in a narrow sense but to let MEBO economy open to the whole world and become an economic entity owned by the whole world. Today the high profile we are talking about will be world-shocked. We command the human regenerative life and only we know how to initiate, maintain and manage it. You are the only ones who know how to save people in the world and if you don¡¯t help and be indifferent to human life, you are doing things that are against nature and reason. This is my attitude and the great cause should be promoted. We have our life-saving weapons and I hope other countries pay attention to us and imitate us. Behind us, there is extremely huge power and I believe we will be invincible. That we achieve our today¡¯s success is not by chance but is by the truth of science. The scientific truth is our spiritual support and the mindset of scientists. Enterprises and managers of MEBO Group should aim to develop their economies well and help maintain the sound development of the world. In the future history of mankind, we everyone will have a place in the regenerative life inventive base. Every human being has potential regenerative life but few people can enjoy it, but I believe at this time of next year there may be thousands of people enjoying potential regenerative life. We shall keep going on to realize our ultimate goal. Today, I choose not to express my appreciation towards those who make contributions to MEBO, since all contributions are in past tense. We advocate and focus on those who make achievements and those who reach the finishing line. Everything before the first second of 2015 belongs to the past. And all those who are now standing here in MEBO are part of a glorious history. You are the winners. Unfortunately, all those who retreat, even a single day before success, are losers.
In conclusion, I will not praise and appreciate, because MEBO also offered them with a fantastic platform. The future development would focus on these 16 characters which involve ideological concept, the transfer and application of our science and the core of our development. We will uphold our core of concept and build our sense of belonging. This is what history needs to be. We will build it in the coming New Year and bear it in mind forever. Though we have our own considerations, we shall not be deprived of spirits. Chinese dream is for every Chinese people and also for the rejuvenation of Chinese nation. We can realize it through concrete efforts. As we develop with small margin, we make our contributions to realize the Chinese dream. We do not require any award, because we know that what we are doing is to relieve all human beings. We do not ask for anything and we do not hand out anything. We Chinese people wish our own country to become leader in world life science circle. We created the first, which is not only the first but also the only one. However, we save all humans. We treat everyone in the world as the same. We declare our science since no world is larger than the world of regenerative human beings. And this is established by MEBO. I can invent, but without our joint efforts, I cannot achieve the goal. All of us who will enter into 2015 will be the contributor to our science. And the way of realizing our science is to activate and maintain the regenerative life through food. So, first, we will go through agriculture revolution before following the nutrition diet. So, we have to physically change the elements of food grown in field and animals naturally raised. Such food will never be the food in 150 million years ago. It is the simple food required by all of us. We save the world with such food, and this process can be regarded as mechanical revolution of human beings. After this, our food will be available to people of all walks of life and help them prolong their longevity. The new economy will develop with the start of life revolution and regenerative life. After we fulfilled our plans and our Ten Thousand Regenerative People scheme and when all observed our progress on line, they will start to know and understand MEBO and regard it as their last straw, and the common economy will be established. It will be the fourth revolution in the history of human. This is unprecedented and the largest kind. Right at this moment, every one of us shall be clear in mind that we all have bright future. We are old party members and we will go global. And, we will all try our utmost to realize our goal. MEBO in 2015 is no longer the old MEBO. We will keep maintaining our base, this is target we will not change. However, our base will benefit from the global development and promotion of human civilization and progress of society while the regenerative world is evolving. Those who benefit from this will appreciate you, such as the diabetic patients who have accepted amputation. Our future plans will tackle all those problems that are hard to be solved. This is our strong point. So I will address the New Year with the 16-character principle, and I hope all of you can memorize it and regard it as our new start point. Now, I would like to conclude, and, finally, let us together express our gratitude to the mass and try our best to save the world. Cheers!

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