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¡¡Eradication of Cancer Cells via Regeneration

1. Killing of Cancer and Transformed Cells in vitro
2. Selective Killing of Cancer Cells Co-Cultured with Normal Cells
3. Promoting Growth of Normal Cells in vitro

4. Differential Metabolism of MEBO Regenerative Nutrients in Cancer and Normal Cells
5. Killing of Cancer Cells in Tumor Tissue in vitro

6. Suppression of Ascites Tumor Growth in Animal Tumor Models
7. Eradication of Skin Cancer in Patients
8. Eradication of Leukemia in Patients
9. Regeneration of internal organs of cancer patients

10. Ongoing Clinical Studies of End-Stage Cancer Patients

6. Suppression of Ascites Tumor Growth in Animal Tumor Models

To test the effects of the MEBO regenerative nutrients on the growth of cancer cells in vivo, a standard animal model for highly aggressive malignant cancer growth, mice bearing S180 ascites tumors, was used.  When injected into the peritoneal cavity, S180 cells grow exponentially with a generation time of 12-18 hours. Growing primarily in suspension in the peritoneal cavity, S180 cells gradually plug peritoneal lymphatic drainage, leading to accumulation of ascites fluid within 2 weeks. S180 cells can also metastasize into major organs near the peritoneal cavity, such as the liver, kidney, pancreas, lung, stomach, and intestine. Mice that develop ascites normally die in 3-4 weeks. S180-induced ascites represents one of the most aggressive transplantable cancers in experimental mouse models.

In the study, fourteen (14) mice were injected intraperitoneally with S180 cells to induce formation of ascites tumors and 15 days later divided equally into treatment and control group.  In the treatment group, seven (7) rats were fed with a regular diet supplemented with the MEBO regenerative nutrients while the control group with just the regular diet.  Seventeen (17) days later the mice from both groups were sacrificed and ascites tumors were removed from the peritoneal cavity and weighed. 

As shown in Figure 10.6.1a, the average weight from the tumors from the treatment group is about 1 g.  In contrast, the average weight from the tumors from the control group is about 3 g (Figure 10.6.1b).  These results demonstrate that the MEBO regenerative nutrients are active in the suppression of aggressive tumor growth in vivo.

Core Science & Technology of MEBO
Exploration of Fundamental Mechanisms of Adult Human Body Regeneration
Eradication of Cancer Cells via Regeneration

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