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¡¡Eradication of Cancer Cells via Regeneration

1. Killing of Cancer and Transformed Cells in vitro
2. Selective Killing of Cancer Cells Co-Cultured with Normal Cells
3. Promoting Growth of Normal Cells in vitro
4. Differential Metabolism of MEBO Regenerative Nutrients in Cancer and Normal Cells
5. Killing of Cancer Cells in Tumor Tissue in vitro
6. Suppression of Ascites Tumor Growth in Animal Tumor Models
7. Eradication of Skin Cancer in Patients
8. Eradication of Leukemia in Patients
9. Regeneration of internal organs of cancer patients
10. Ongoing Clinical Studies of End-Stage Cancer Patients

2. Selective Killing of Cancer Cells Co-Cultured with Normal Cells

To test the effects of the MEBO regenerative nutrients on normal cells in the presence of cancer cells, in vitro co-culture experiments were conducted in a culture containing both normal bone marrow cells (small cells) and human gastric cancer cells (larger cells). 

The co-culture was grown in normal culture medium (Figure 10.2.1a) and then divided into two groups: a treatment group and a control group.  The MEBO regenerative nutrients were added to the co-culture in treatment group while the co-culture in the control group was maintained without adding any supplemental materials.   As shown in Figure 10.2.1b, after 4 days of exposure to the MEBO regenerative nutrients, the cancer cells in the treatment group not only stopped growing but also manifested morphology of cell death.  However, normal bone marrow cells in the treatment group not only survived but also proliferated vigorously.  By day 7 virtually all cancer cells disappeared in the culture while the normal cells continued to proliferate (Figure 10.2.1c).

In comparison, in the absence of the MEBO nutrients by day 5 the cancer cells in the control group proliferated vigorously while the normal cells virtually disappeared in the culture (Figure 10.2.1d).  By day 7, the cancer cells proliferated to reach confluency while no normal cells could be observed in the culture (Figure 10.2.1e). 


Core Science & Technology of MEBO
Exploration of Fundamental Mechanisms of Adult Human Body Regeneration
Eradication of Cancer Cells via Regeneration

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